After my initial skepticism ("No medals? No thanks!"), and with a bit of nudging from the lovely Philippa from Run Cape Town, I completed my first ever parkrun event in Cape Town, South Africa in March 2014. And the rest, as they say, is history... The bug has bitten and I want to do all the parkruns, earn all the club t-shirts, clock all the PBs, and complete all the unofficial parkrun challenges! 

Here's a peek at the parkrun events we've completed to date:

parkrun New Zealand

1. Anderson parkrun, Napier

Photo by Caleb Arrowsmith.

A two-and-a-bit lapper in and around Anderson park. The event has a friendly and welcoming vibe, and the pre-run briefing includes a reminder to heed the resident swans! 

2. Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun, Greytown

A parkrun route steeped in history! Surrounded by pastures (and that unmistakable farm-fresh smell!), the trail follows the former Greytown-Woodside rail line that was operational between 1880 and 1953. The Rimutakas provide a beautiful backdrop to this flat, fast and friendly venue. 

3. Hagley parkrun, Christchurch

A parkrun in the true sense of the word, with the entire route winding through Hagley Park. Characterized by giant old oak trees and thick carpets of autumn leaves underfoot - a personal parkrun NZ favourite!

4. Kapiti Coast parkrun, Paraparaumu

My first ever Kiwi parkrun!  

5. Lower Hutt parkrun, Lower Hutt

The wettest, windiest parkrun event of my life...! I literally battled to stay on the path on the up-wind... This route is not for sissies on a rainy, windy day!

6. Palmerston North parkrun, Palmerston North

[Photo by Rob Caven.]

The one that showed me I still can.

7. Porirua parkrun, Porirua

A fairy tale route! It has sections of closed-canopy pine forest, small waterfalls, and giant tree ferns. Beautiful!

8. Puarenga parkrun, Rotorua

A parkrun experience unlike any other. The route winds through a geothermal area, with steam rising from the ground and a sulfur smell keeping things real. Incredible

9. Tauranga parkrun, Tauranga

The one that blew our socks off - literally!

10. Taupo parkrun, Taupo

A quick parkrun stopover on our way home from Tauranga. Because why not?!

11. Trentham Memorial parkrun, Upper Hutt

Teamwork makes the dream work! Fastest parkrun in four years, thanks to my personal pacer! 

parkrun South Africa

1. Greenpoint parkrun, Cape Town

Photo by Run Cape Town.

Our parkrun debut took place 11 weeks after J Bear's birth, and although I huffed around the course like a steam engine, it was love at first parkrun. 

2. Naval Hill parkrun, Bloemfontein

Just like any good inaugural parkrun story, this one includes an ostrich incident...

3. Rondebosch Common parkrun, Cape Town

We did this one with our friend Lisa, all the way from Canada! 

4. Hartenbos parkrun, Hartenbos

5. Kimberley parkrun, Kimberley

6. Parys parkrun, Parys

My recipe for a parkrun PB? Oh, you know, just zero sleep and a coughing kidlet the night before...

7. Big Bay parkrun, Cape Town

Photo by Kevin from Lisa Olivier Photography.

Pure perfection

8. Fish Hoek parkrun, Cape Town

You know how they say that running is easier at the coast? I beg to differ.

9. George parkrun, George

The parkrun route that blew me away!

10. Klerksdorp parkrun, Klerksdorp

The one I drove 300 km for and almost missed...

Twenty-one parkrun venues down, hundreds more to go! Loving it!


  1. Wow dit is al ň hele klomp!

    1. Ai, en elkeen is SO lekker! Het vandag uitgewerk dat dit 15 jaar sal vat om elke parkrun in die wereld te doen as jy elke naweek 'n nuwe een doen... Dis nou te se as daar nooit nuwes bykom nie...! x


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