Saturday, 4 April 2020

Learning As We Go

We're on Day 10 of our four-week Coronavirus lockdown here in New Zealand, which means that Week 1 is officially behind us! And while I'm well aware of the possibility that our lockdown might be extended beyond four weeks, I refuse to occupy my mind with what-ifs. We're taking things day by day and will cross that bridge if and when we get there.

If I had to summarise our first week in lockdown, it would be this: A steep learning curve...! Almost every aspect of our daily lives have been impacted by this new normal, so we're slowly but surely figuring out what works for us and what doesn't. That said, things are actually going very well! We had some wobbles mid-week - mostly caused by the sudden absence of a) 6+ hours of social interaction with friends (for the kids) each day and b) wide-open spaces - but things are thankfully looking up. 

Small signs of encouragement and positivity - like this smiley face flag - are dotted throughout our neighbourhood. We love it!

Our daily dose of out-in-the-streets exercise has been, and continues to be, a big highlight. Will and I go running on alternate days for a bit of me-time and endorphins, and in between that we take the kids on separate scooter walks around the block each day. I initially took them out scootering together, but soon realised that a) some one-on-one time for me with each of them, plus b) some time away for each of them from their sibling, are both crucial for lockdown happiness. Lockdown Lesson #235! 

A somber sight. Parks and playgrounds are all off-limits for now, but at least we can still run the streets!

Since we're technically currently still in the school holidays (and will be until 14 April), I haven't started homeschooling the kids yet. Instead, they've been climbing, scootering, crafting, playing and jumping. Which brings me to Lockdown Lesson #236: A trampoline, during lockdown, is worth its weight in gold...! 

Our one and only (climbable!) backyard tree is suddenly the place to be.

I've only ventured to the grocery store once since the start of lockdown, and it was an interesting, albeit surreal experience. "Stand in this line until you're called, and then you may enter the shop". And then, when you have everything you need: "Stand in this circle while your items are being checked out, and then, when the cashier calls you forward, approach the pin pad to pay via paywave". Yikes...! I  guess we'll get used to it...? 

The hardest part for me, so far, has been trying to keep the kids occupied (and their decibels at an acceptable level) while Will is working from our dining room table (in our very open-plan home). He's on phone calls and in virtual meetings for most of the day, which, believe me, requires some interesting (and exhausting!) tactics from my side...! I wouldn't say that we've found our sweet spot yet, but we'll get there.

Love and prayers from our bubble here in Aotearoa to yours! xx     


  1. My susterrrrrr, jy kla nie maar ek kry jou so jammer! Dis mos nou al 5 jaar wat ek kleintjies grootmaak in 'n klein, helemal oopplan huisie met 'n werkende pa wat ook gedurig oppie foun moet wees en kinders wat 'n foun-sense het en PRESIES daai tyd wil begin baklei of hardloop of huil of gil. Dit vat klomp aanpassing vir almal, stomme pa seker meeste, maar ja deur die jare het hierdie moeder al 'n sissende-dreigstem ontwikkel wat kan gilfluister dat jy haar kilometers ver hoor en almal weet sulke tyd sy is dalk ernstig, ons beter sagter. Dink aan jou en so bly vir daai boom en trampoline.

    Dink aan julle en hoop en glo ook die sirkus sal een van die dae end kry.
    Baie lief vir julle! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. My liefste Suster, dis dan asof jy hier BY ons in die huis is...! Dis PRESIES hoe dit nou hier by ons gaan, heheeee!! Genadiglik vir ons is ALMAL in presies dieselfde bootjie op die oomblik... Willie se daar's party wat met kinders oppie skoot in Skype meetings sit, en by almal is daar maar nou en dan 'n gedruis in die agtergrond... Dankie tog! So almal is baie tegemoedkomend en verdraagsaam daaroor. Maar ek moet se dit gaan al klaar beter as op Dag 1 - mens leer mos gelukkig vinnig hoe om jou stappies en Monopoly games te time...! ;)

      Lief julle bitterlik en vertrou dit gaan oraait by julle met Nico se werk en travels wat seker tydelik ook op hok is? Drrrruuuukkkk julle!



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