Sunday, 21 July 2019

A Holiday After The Holidays

Our two-week-long school holidays are drawing to a close, and while there wasn't much time (or energy!) for running over the past two weeks, I think we aced it in terms of holiday adventures. We made it our mission to do at least one fun thing each day, and thanks to the incredible holiday programmes put on by both our local mall and library, we achieved our goal with flying colours. We did kids' cooking classes, a drawing workshop by Jonathan Bixley, storytime with the Royal New Zealand Ballet, two visits to our local indoor pool complex, face painting, playdates, two birthday parties, bike rides, the movies and numerous visits to our favourite playground. Success!

And while I made a conscious effort not to overload our schedule and take things super easy apart from our one fun activity each day, it soon became evident that I'd need a holiday after the holidays... My energy levels were outnumbered two to one, ha! Enter a quick solo-mom Saturday morning getaway before the start of the new school term tomorrow.

Porirua parkrun is only a half-hour drive from our home, but going there always recharges my batteries. The parkrun route itself is a feast for the senses: A closed-canopy forest, giant tree ferns, pine needles underfoot, and a small stream bubbling along to native birdsong. Running there never fails to make me smile.

The Porirua parkrun route.

In terms of difficulty, the [parkrun] route is also one of the most challenging I've come across in New Zealand so far. The first 2.5 km climbs about 50 m to the turnaround point, and then it's all breaks off for the downhill home. And while that doesn't sound like much of a climb, I can promise you one thing: It hurts. A good kind of 'push-the-limits' hurt that makes you feel both tired and satisfied. I love it.

Add to this a quick smoothie stop before heading home, and I always feel like I've been away for a week instead of just a few hours. Bring on the new school term!


  1. You are right, the holidays can be very tiring. For me and my wife the holidays are "challenging" because we take care of our grandsons and, believe me, this is a beautiful but hard job.
    Good luck on the parkrun, I am sure you will run like the wind!!!!!

    1. Wow, your kids and grandsons are so blessed to have you! I'm sure your grandsons will someday look back to the holiday times with you and your wife with great fondness. Our kids' grandparents are all still in SA, so we really, really miss them!

  2. Lyk absoluut asemrowend, Saartjie! Beny jou die maklikke toegang tot daai bome en woude! Dis darem nou bitterlik droog hier by ons. Xxxxxx

    1. Ai, Liefste - Poeks en Tannie Elsa se dis net so droog by hulle. Ek moet se my Afrika-oe sukkel ook maar nog om gewoond te raak aan die lowergroen wintermaande... Maar, soos jy se, ek is dankbaar, dankbaar, dankbaar vir die strome en woude - dis kos vir die siel! Druk jou styf! xxxxxxxxx

  3. Geniet dit vir onse part ook, Liefste. Druk jou tog ook xxxxxxx


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