Thursday, 4 April 2019

The Case Of The Missing Mojo

My running mojo has been MIA. And while, in the past, something as simple as a quick flick through a running magazine or a new piece of running gear instantly re-fanned the flame, I suspect that there's more to my apathy towards running this time around.

My last run, which I clocked a shocking 14 days ago, was captioned as follows on Strava: Meh. I've seriously lost my running mojo. Help!! And although I haven't run a single step, apart from some impromptu adventures with the kids, since then, I still feel exactly the same way. In fact, I may even be feeling worse. I'm e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d

Many moons (okay, fourteen days) ago.

So what's up? In all honesty, I think we're all just way overdue for a proper, long and lazy family holiday. One that takes us far away from home, lasts at least two weeks and offers all the napping opportunities a mum can ever dream of. You know? We haven't had one of those since March 2016 (and moved to a different continent in the meantime), so it's obviously time. Hopefully it will happen later this year. 

Also, Will has just returned from two weeks in Africa and man, did I miss my parenting partner...! Although things went really well for me and the kids over here in New Zealand while he was away, I have a new-found respect for single parents. Flying solo as a parent is hard, hard work!

Will had a quick visit with my besties while he was in SA. Waaaaahhhhhh!

One last thing that may be contributing to my running rut, is the fact that I don't have any upcoming goal races to train for. I was going to do the Waitomo Trail Run, but had to withdraw on account of Will's unforeseen trip to Africa. So, for now, I don't really have any external motivators [other than improved mental and physical health, of course!] to help get me off my butt and out the door. 

My POA? A few more days of rest to catch up on some missed sleep and missing energy now that Will is back home. Plus an urgent search for at least two upcoming races to get me through a winter of - hopefully! - motivated training. Fingers crossed...!


  1. Just found your blog through Old Running Fox's website.

    Planning a race makes us feel motivated. You are right. We need a goal.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Giorgio - I love Gordon's (Old Running Fox's) blog!

      In the meantime I've found a local 10K race to do mid-April - starting to feel some excitement...!

  2. Siestog Saartjie, nie geweet jy het jou race gemis nie! Ai, my alle simpatie met die oormoeg en missing mojo. Rus goed Saar, hy sal kom, en ek glo daar is baie lekker races te kies en te keure daar? Ek is self deesdae bitter traag om verder as 3km te hol op n slag.. Ook geen goal races nou nie! Maar die naaste (interessante) races in in SA! Oi, sal moet plan sien. Lief jou xxxxxx

    1. Waitomo is volgende naweek, Saar, en ons sou mos 'n mini-vakansietjie daarvan gemaak het, maar met al die verlof wat Willie nou moes vat vir SA, sal ons nie so gou weer kan weggaan nie. 'n Groot teleurstelling vir my, maar wat, 'n mens verstaan mos die situasie en daar sal mos weer 'n geleentheid kom. Daar's 'n Great Forest Run volgende naweek hier naby ons, en ek is nogal lus om die 10 km te doen... Sal laat weet!

      Hier is nogal lekker baie races, Saar, maar net BITTERLIK duur (maklik tot R1000 inskrywingsgeld per race), en meeste het nie eers 'n medalje nie...! Of jy kan ekstra betaal vir 'n medalje (nog R200 - R300...). So ek kies maar baie mooi - 'n medalje WIL ek he, en verkieslik mos darem ook op 'n spesiale, mooi plek hol. Ek wik en weeg oor die Wellington Marathon in Julie (van alle maande...). Die logistiek is SO maklik (hop net op die trein van ons af) EN daar's 'n medalje EN hy het 'n mooi roete en eindig in die "Cake Tin" (Wellington se rugby-stadium), maaR ish ek nou Regtig-egtig lus om 42.2 km in die vriesende reen te hol?! (Winter is mos ons reenseisoen.) So dan dalk maar wag tot na die winter vir 'n wedloop...? Maar sal dit my genoeg motiveer om NOU te hol...? Sil jou op hoogte hou.

      Dalk het jou lyf ook maar net 'n extented ruskansie nodig, Saar? Ai, sleg met min goeie wedlope naby 'n mens (was so in Kby) - mens PYN mos later vir 'n avontuur ;). Ek vertrou jy kry ook gou iets om weer die huppel in jou draf te sit, liefste Saar.

      Dankie vir jou moeite met die commenterasies - meeste liefnis!!


  3. Karien, I'm in exactly the same boat as you. My energy levels have plummetted to zero and I haven't run a step since March 24th. I'd planned to stop running anyway after my 87th birthday in around a month's time. Maybe my old body read my mind and pre-empted it?
    But you're young enough, you'll bouce back soon enough. Trust me, once a runner......

    1. I'm a big believer in listening to the body, and trust that the passion will return after enough rest, Gordon. It has so many times in the past!

      So sorry to hear about your lack of energy - perhaps your body is also just asking for a good and proper rest? But even if you do decide to permanently retire those running shoes, you'll always be one of my biggest running inspirations. Enjoy the well-deserved rest.

  4. Don't give up, even if you don't have any scheduled race you can run against yourself to find the motivation. For this reason I have a log book with a top ten all time and an annual top ten.

    1. That's a great idea - thanks, Stefano. I find that the parkrun concept usually also motivates me to get out there and move - I love chasing down the milestone clubs and unofficial parkrun challenges. My next parkrun milestone t-shirt is, however, 1.5 years away, which must also be part of why my motivation is lagging.

      Hope you're well?


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