Thursday, 13 December 2018

Happy Holidays...?

With our end-of-year ballet concerts and school Christmas parties officially a thing of the past, there's no denying that the holiday season is upon us. And with more and more campervans and caravans coming out of hibernation and crawling onto the roads, I can't help but feel just a twinge of good old summer holiday cheer.

Summertime - time for our annual strawberry picking tradition!

The start of the holiday season has, however, caught me slightly off guard this year. Because while this will be our third Christmas in New Zealand, it's the first one where it feels like every second fellow Saffa is either heading to SA to visit friends and family for the holidays, or hosting international family over here. And, to be honest, it sucks. 

So for the first time since moving to New Zealand, the start of the holiday season has me longing for Africa in a big, big way. I miss Table Mountain, proteas and window shopping at the Waterfront. I miss the Lowveld, its mangoes and the peace and quiet that can only be found around a Cadac braai at Pafuri's picnic spot. I miss rooibos tea, Johnny Glegg and Riana Nel. I miss "howzit", "lekke(r)" and "yebo yes". I miss the Kalahari, its doringhout fires, and Vryburg Spur's sweet potato fries. Yes, I miss my beautifully complex, cherished African roots.

Big Bay parkrun with Table Mountain in the background.

So does this mean that we want to move back to SA? Heck no. New Zealand is our home now and we love it here. But this Christmas, just for a while, indulge me as I reminisce about the beauty of the country that we left behind. And maybe, just maybe, next Christmas it will be our turn to visit its beautiful shores once again.  


  1. Aaaaai Saartjie, druk vir jou! Voel jou hart xxxxx

  2. I drink Rooibos tea here in England. Surely you can buy it in NZ?
    Love that picture with Table Mountain in the background...
    Happy running.

    1. Jip, we buy it at our local PaknSave. I think it's more the fact that it's not readily available in coffee shops, restaurants, at friends when you go over for tea, etc. that makes me miss it so much. In SA it's EVERYWHERE and available in many different forms - rooibos cuppacinos, rooibos soaps, rooibos everything. Just a sentimental part of growing up in SA that I really miss. xx

  3. The picture with Table Mountain is priceless. Run strong!

    1. What a joy to hear from you, Stefano - I pray that you're doing well! Wishing you a blessed 2019!


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