Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Isn't it tragic how quickly we start taking life's blessings for granted?

The kids and I celebrated our sixth (!) full month in New Zealand over the weekend.  And, as passionate as I am about living in the moment and counting and re-counting my blessings, I realised with a shock that I've started doing exactly what I always preach against.  I've stopped making the most of the beauty and opportunities of this new life.  Major fail.

Six months!

Because it's so easy to settle for what comes easy.  It's so easy to plod around the neighbourhood for a quick run when, just a kilometre or three further, the thrill of a beach- or river run awaits.  And it's so easy to plop the kids in front of the TV to get some housework done instead of walking to the playground and building memories.  It's so easy.

So this morning on my run I decided to do what we came here for.  Instead of slogging along the cycle path, as usual, I took a shortcut to the beach.  And, just like in the beginning, I gawked and gawked at Kapiti Island and it's splendour.  I leapt over streams and bounded along footpaths.  I inhaled the fresh air and gave thanks for the gifts of life and health.  My heart sang.    


And, just to make sure that I don't slide down that slope of 'whatever comes easiest' again, I set a daily reminder on my phone to appreciate and make the most of, well, life.  We only get one go at it, right?

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