Friday, 21 April 2017

In our element

We entered the realm of scooter runs this past weekend.

And, true to form, I was petrified. Why exactly, I don't quite know. Fear of the unknown, I guess? Because what if everybody hated it and we ended up having to clomp back home, a defeated, squabbling bunch? And what about safety? Hidden driveways and, heaven forbid, road hogs? I know, I know. I should loosen up. A whole lot. Especially given the fact that every single (family) running chapter up until now has been a resounding success. Yet there I was. Mother Hen squared.

Miss K, on the other hand, was in heaven. She delights in the freedom that the scooter gives her. And while I was huffing out observations about uneven pathways, stray dogs and sneaky driveways, she was whooshing along at the speed of light. All while trying out bunny hops, single arm steering and scooter-back arabesque. Yep, she was in her element.   

We only covered about 3.5 km on our first scooter run, but that was enough for me to realise that I should also (try to) relax.  Which I eventually did. Eventually. And even better yet: I realised that I was, in fact, also in my element.  Apprehension of new chapters notwithstanding. 

Because what an absolute joy it was to witness Miss K's exuberant happiness. To see the triumph in her eyes after every successful bunny hop. And to hear her squeal with delight every time she beat her dad in a do-or-die dad vs. scooter sprint. A strong, confident, independent little person is emerging right in front of my eyes. And she's beautiful. 

So even though I can guarantee that there will be many more "watch outs" and "be carefuls" from my side, I know that this is going to be one of our most special chapters yet. 


  1. Aag wonderlik, Saar! So chuffed vir julle, en trots op K! Kan my indink hoe lekker dit moet wees. Onse wereld is nou nie so groot op gelyk paadjies waar mens dit kan probeer nie, maar ons kan droom... ;) xxxxx

    1. Dankie, liefste Saar. SO dankbaar vir die lekker gelyk fietspaaie wat absoluut ORAL is - dink ook nie ons sou in Suid-Afrika so lekker en veilig kon scooter nie. Ai, druk vir julle. Ek weet jou manne sou dit net so geniet het. Toemaar, as julle kom kuier, maak ons lekker :) ! xxxx

    2. Hoe lekker sil dit wees, kan nie wag nie!


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