Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Here's to the ones that suck

As I write this, I'm just starting to emerge from the fog of my post-Round the Bays slump.  And I can tell you one thing: It's been a looooong month and ten days...  As hard as I've tried to cowboy up and tackle my runs with enthusiasm, I keep having to drag my sorry and unwilling butt out the door to get it done.  Ugh.

The high was pretty high.  But the subsequent low is soooooo low...

Isn't it funny how, even after years and years of running, many of our runs still plain and simply suck?  One would think that extensive first-hand experience of the perks, joys and highs of running would somehow make us immune to catching the running blahs.  But alas.  Running remains a humbling habit that not even the elite can completely domineer.  And I guess that, in some sadistic way, that's part of what keeps us running?

But I'm happy to report that the slump is (almost) a thing of the past.  Getting out there is requiring less and less mental bribery and the thought of going for a run is (almost) appealing again.  Almost.  

A slowish, sadish effort...

And as frustrating as running ruts may be, this past 40 days have just reminded me again that they serve a really good purpose.  First they annoy the heck out of us.  But they inevitably lead us to the question of why we're running.  Why, oh why do we drag ourselves out of bed at the crack of dawn to slog around the neighbourhood feeling like lead-legged zombies?  Which leads us to the good stuff:

  • Because it makes us feel fit, strong and healthy.
  • Because it's a socially acceptable and effective way to get rid of anger and frustration.
  • Because it's a form of me-time that benefits us in a million different ways.
  • Because endorphins.
  • Because [fill the blank]...

All of which affirms that there's no way on earth that we're ever giving it up.

So here's to the ones that suck.  The ones that make us droop with frustration and question our sanity.  For they ultimately keep us going.     


  1. You're right, when energy levels droop those morning runs really suck and there's nothing you can do but ease off for a time. Hang in there Karien, the good days will return and you'll soon be ticking off those 2017 running goals.
    Sending you every good wish.....

    1. Thanks so much, Gordon! Boy, am I looking forward to those highs...!

  2. I am a new runner so the "running sucks" moments are many! LOL! But remembering those remarkable highs really keeps me going. Such a phenomenal feeling when you do have a good run or complete a race. And that's what keeps me coming back for more! (Love that you work in km! I am based in Botswana where we use km too so I am still learning how to convert to miles when I read some of the UK/US blogs!)

    1. Oh, yes, the highs are amazing!! And rest assured, they happen way more often if you just keep at it.

      Thanks so much for stopping by - I've subscribed to your blog via email and look forward to following your journey!


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