Monday, 13 February 2017

The Joys of Footing It

The news that we've emigrated to New Zealand is often met with some or other variation of the following exclamation: "Lucky fish!".  And although we certainly are extremely blessed and happy to be here, I think that most people are under the false impression that life simply picks up where it left off after emigration.  Not true.

Lucky fish!

Moving countries comes with many sacrifices, which we were obviously well aware of and okay with before taking the plunge.  One of those sacrifices, for us specifically, is getting by without a car (for now, anyway).  Yup, we're footing it.  And although Wellington's public transport system is nothing short of spectacular, making the change from a two-car household to one with zero cars has been... well, ... interesting.

I can, however, come up with a whole list of reasons why footing it has been (and still is!) extremely good for us:
  • Forced active recovery on non-running days.
  • Way less treats, because, hello, who walks (at least) 4 km to the nearest shop to buy something sweet?
  • Instant expenditure, energy-wise, of said sweet treat on the rare occasion that the craving is so strong that you do indeed walk 4 km to satisfy it.
  • Plenty of long run motivation.  Nothing like a notification to go and collect a parcel (at the depot that is a 7 km round trip away) to get you moving!
  • Ample opportunity to scout out new, good running routes.
  • Being humbled by the love and care of others.  Colleagues that offer us the use of their car while they're away on holiday; and new friends that go to the trouble of dropping off their second car for us to use over weekends...  And the list goes on.  New Zealand has really helped restore my faith in humanity.  Humbled and blessed.
  • And last, but very importantly, learning to appreciate the things that we've come to take for granted.  

Yes, it's not all moonshine and roses.  And yes, there have been days where I have, after getting drenched to the bone for the third of fourth time in one day, texted Will the following: "Can it please just stop raining now?!?!".  

Running in the rain is fun.  But doing everything in the rain?  Not so much.

But all in all footing it has been (and still is) a good lesson.  We're building memories.  We're sharing this great adventure.  And we're giggling like little kids when we hold up Wellington's entire public transport system while trying to load our groceries, kids, jackets, handbags and water bottles into the bus in the howling wind and pouring rain and trying our best to look dignified while doing so.

Life is good!



  1. Ek smile met my hele hart soos ek hier lees. Daar is soveel van hierdie post waaroor ek mal is, maar wat n wyse stukkie lewenswaarheid! Dankie vir die deel, en welgedaan julle 4! Xxxx

    1. Dankie vir jou woorde, liefste Saar - ek het geweet jy sal my hart verstaan! Wonderlik dat ons paaie ons na baie van dieselfde waardes en lesse en besluite geneem het, ne? Baie liefnis! xxxx

  2. That would be hard after having two cars! Do you plan to get one soon, or are you going to keep doing without? Being so far out of town I don't think I could do it!

    1. Hi Christy! Yes, we're definitely planning on getting a car sometime in the future, but there are still many other priorities that we want to take care of before that, so for now we're going to keep on footing it. Luckily our home is very well located, so that makes it easier. But I can tell you one thing, we're really going to APPRECIATE that car when we get it! ;)


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