Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Pile on the Miles 2016

It's time for Run Eat Repeat's annual Pile on the Miles Challenge!  Pile on the Miles is basically a free, virtual fitness challenge, where you set your own fitness goals at the beginning of November, enter the challenge by registering here, and then go ahead and crush those goals by the end of the month.  Did I mention that there are also daily prizes up for grabs?  Simply check in to Run Eat Repeat daily by commenting on your progress, and boom, you're entered!  What are you waiting for?!        


I participated in the challenge last year (you can read my updates here, here and here) and although I didn't win anything (boo!), it definitely helped me stay active during a part of the year where workouts are easily snubbed for year-end-functions, concerts and the like.  It also kept me accountable in my quest to incorporate more strength/cross training into my workout routine, so, yes, I'm a big fan.  And I'm entering again this year!

Just like last year, I'm keeping my goals simple.  I'm currently in no running shape to set or smash some big and hairy PB goals, so, instead, I'll be going for 1) consistency, and 2) building a base for picking up some mileage and running a half-marathon early in 2017...(!!)  But more about that later.  

Eeeeeeeek!  Watch this space.

Here are my two Pile on the Mile goals for 2016:

1.  Run four times a week (i.e. be consistent in my training); and
2.  Gradually (and injury-free!) build my longer runs up to 12 km as a base for half-marathon training, which starts in December.

Simple enough, right?  I'll be reporting back on my progress every Monday in November, and, hopefully, December will see me fit, injury-free and ready for some serious half-marathon training!  

Why don't you join in too?


  1. Heeee! Ek is in! Ek had reeds begin wonder wat gaan ek doen om myself te motiveer vir hierdie vlg 6 weke van Nico wat weg is, ons wat gaan reis en Nico wat dan weer weg is. Dankie vir die deel en aanmoedig, Saar xxxxx

    1. Ag, jippie!! Sien bitterlik uit om saam te maak! xxxx

  2. I love this idea! I am not a runner, but I should do it as a walker! Do you run with your phone with you? There's a free app called Charity Miles where it tracks your miles and time, and every mile you walk/run/bike, it will donate money to a charity of your choice from a pretty long list of charities! If you're piling on the miles, may as well donate to a good cause at no cost to you! ;)

    1. Wow, that's such an awesome idea! Thanks for telling me about it, Mandie - I'll definitely go check it out!


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