Monday, 4 April 2016

A weekly dose of sanity

A (rather controversial) Afrikaans singer once said in an interview that he flourishes in isolation.  And while I'm pretty sure that we don't have much else in common, my being shouts "yes!" to his words. Alone-time is also essential to my sanity.

Unlike the singer, though, whose kids are all grown-up, our household is currently slap bang in the middle of toddlerhood - that chapter in a family's story where a solo trip to the grocer feels like a week in the Caribbean.  And with both sets of grandparents living way too far away, we're presently sitting with what can only be described as a severe shortage in both the alone-time and flourishing departments.
So while stroller running has been an integral and much-loved part of my quality time with the kids over the past four years, running solo is also proving to be the exact opposite in this new chapter of our lives: Some much-needed me-time.

My favourite form of family time!  [Photo by Louis Botha Photography].

Once a weekend I make sure to sneak out of the house while the other three are still asleep to drive to a beautiful and safe piece of African bush that we are privileged to have access to.  I cherish every minute of this mini-expedition: The peaceful solo drive there; the chance to listen to my own tunes, as opposed to Peppa Pig on repeat; discovering new trails; and simply running for its own sake, without having to rush home.  I always end it off with a leisurely stretching and coconut water sipping session - one final little go-slow luxury before heading home.  It's bliss.


And while my weekly solo runs can't exactly be equated to a week in the Caribbean, it certainly is enough to make this mama flourish. At least until next weekend.



  1. wow that pic of your solo run looks incredible!

    1. It's my reset button for the week, Meg - love, love, love running there!


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