Monday, 8 February 2016

A no-frills hoo-ha for unromantic weirdos

Will and I are not the woo-woo, romantic type - not even close.  Come within a three-foot radius of either of us with a plastic rose or a squint-eyed stuffed bear and we'll run for the hills - literally.  Great then that we found each other, right?

It should therefore come as no surprise to you, keeping in mind this aversion to all things heart-shaped, red and fluffy, that we don't celebrate Valentine's Day.  Never have; never will.  Gasp - I know.  It just feels forced to participate in something that doesn't really resonate with us, you know?

But the thing is that we still want to celebrate our relationship and each other.  Sure, we do small, everyday things to show how much we care (thanks for all the dark chocs, Honey!), but lately I've been feeling that we need a big hoo-ha as well - like Valentine's Day, but on our own terms.  No frills and no fluffy stuff - just something that's weirdly us.  Which is exactly what we did this weekend.              

Will snagged me these at the Totalsports sale - aren't they wildly fantastic?!  Not even a family of stuffed bears or a plantation of plastic roses comes close.

And I got him this...  His idea of the most romantic gift one can receive during peak cycling season.  Ahhhhh, we're weird.


Of course there was a running date too, followed by a brunch at a kid-friendly restaurant - both of these with the two most precious gifts from our relationship in tow.  Just the way we like it.

So no, you won't be seeing any Valentine's gift lists or red, fluffy must-haves on the blog this week.  Because this past weekend just reminded me once again that I already have absolutely everything I need - and more!


  1. That's awesome and I'm the same way. My husband and I agreed we were getting each other cake for Valentines day. I think it's a win for everyone.

    1. I'm glad to hear we're not the only ones, Hollie! Cake sounds like a great idea - enjoy!

  2. LOVE those capris! We don't do romantic things either, no flowers..its a waste of money, no jewelry, i don't wear it much anyway, but new running things... the key to my heart for sure!

    1. Thanks, Christy - aren't they STUNNING?!

      Oh, yes, we're actually very easy to shop for, right?? ;)

  3. Ha this is exactly like me. My husband and I agreed nothing too fancy for Valentine's Day. In fact, we are both getting each other cakes. LOL.


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