Friday, 26 February 2016

A lifetime first! No, wait - false alarm.

In the two years since doing my first parkrun back in March 2014, the stars have never aligned for me to be able to do an official parkrun event during a work trip.  Not even once.  I travel for work quite often, but there's just always been something: Wrong day, wrong town, wrong flight schedule...  

Until this weekend.  Through a series of meeting re-schedulings and other events, it was finally going to happen: I was going to be in Upington on Saturday morning on my way back from a business trip to Springbok - just in time for Upington parkrun!  Sela.

Beautiful Springbok.

I was, of course, giddy with excitement at this discovery: Packed my barcode and running shoes before anything else, booked accommodation practically next to the parkrun starting point and stalked the Upington parkrun Facebook page for pictures and other info on the run.  Wahoo!

And then, two days before ticking this new-to-me parkrun venue off my list, I discover this...

Are you kidding me?!  The first time in two years that I get the opportunity to do a parkrun on a business trip and there's a cancellation?!  Sob.

So of course I feel a bit like a kid being denied his favourite toy and inwardly pout whenever there's a chance between meetings.  Ah, well.  You never know what the next two years will bring, right...?

Happy weekend, everyone!



  1. Oh dear, what a disappointment, but there'll be other opportunities I'm sure. So keep on training.
    All the best to you and yours....

    1. Thanks, Gordon - I'm sure there will. Same to you and your lovely partner!

  2. Dig That Photo Of Springbok!!


    1. Such a lovely little town - I always enjoy going there!


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