Friday, 1 January 2016

2015 Running Goals: Final Check-In

Did we achieve our running goals for the year, set purely to help us have some fun with running in 2015?  

That's a score of 80% for our Year of Running Fun - we'll take it!  I can honestly say that taking a step back and focusing on the enjoyment of running rather than performance for this past year has done me a world of good - both physically and mentally.  My body and mind feel ready to take on some exciting new challenges in 2016 - bring it!

You can have a look at an infographic of our running figures for the year here - I must say that I'm pretty darn proud!

Did you meet your running goals for 2015?



  1. Well done on achieving most of your goals (and don't beat yourself up about the one that was out of your control!). I'm a bit addicted to parkrun tourism myself - just completed a New Year's day double at 2 courses which was a great way to start off the year :)

    1. Aaaaaaa - I'm jealous!! The parkruns in my part of the world are too far apart (150 km+) to do doubles, but we clocked a New Year's parkrun this morning too and loved it :). Happy 2016!


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