Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Summer Highs

I guess it's safe to say that summer is finally here.

And although summer temps tend to be quite extreme in our region, we're loving the joys that come along with it:

Watermelon!  All four of us go gaga for watermelon - we easily sail through a melon a week.  We just dug into our first one of the season and it was a beaut - totally worth the R80 price tag.  

Early morning runs!  Ahhhhhhh, the joys of not running in the dark and shivering your butt off!  Yes, please.

Outdoor adventures!  Weekends are for adventures, and water and sunshine just take ours to the next level.  A beach would, of course, have been the icing in the cake, but hey, who wants the beach when you can have a hosepipe, right...?  Uhm, never mind.   

Smoothies!  Summertime is smoothie time and our blender is working overtime!  Nothing like an ice-cold glass of happinesss on a 40 degree lunch break.  Yum!

Happy summer to our fellow Southern Hemispherians!



  1. Jealous of your summer weather! We're quickly heading into winter over here. Boo.

    1. Shame, Lisa - hope your winter is bearable. But should be significantly warmer than your old home town, right?

  2. I never realized that summer was reversed. I did not pay too much attention in school. What an amazing place to live!!!! Enjoy your summer


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