Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Cape Town Marathon Coffee Date IV: The Runs That Never Were

Only six more weeks until the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon...!  And, sadly, instead of acing my (planned) runs last week, I missed them.  All of them.  Why yes, that freaks me out just a little bit.  You see, my cold - which I deemed "almost over" - was, in fact, only getting started.  I was sick as a dog all week long - ugh.  Better now than on race day, right?

I discovered, though, that there's still plenty one can do about your running while not being able to run:

1.  Recover
That little twinge I felt in my left  IT band?  It's gone after a week's rest - hooray!

2.  Foam Roll

Yes, I've said this 1 000 times before, but foam rolling really helps work out the kinks when you're clocking long distances.  And you can do as much of it as you want when you're too sick to run - bonus!

3.  Volunteer
I recently came across this quote and love it: "If you love running, then help others to run."  Volunteering at a local race or parkrun is so much fun - and ideal for times when you're sick and can't run yourself.  Spread the running love!

4.  Compile a killer playlist
My long runs are getting quite long (2 hours+), and although I don't usually run with music, I'm starting to get a (really strong!) urge to do so.  One can only listen to the chattering going on in your own head for so long, ha!  So this week I dug up my MP3-player and compiled a killer playlist for those long run days - can't wait to try it out!

5.  Sort out your diet
After weeks of training really hard, my appetite (and eating habits!) were all over the place.  And it's so easy to just grab something convenient, but less healthy, when you're on the go.  So this week I had a chance to step back and get back on track with healthy fuelling.  Making good fuelling choices feels so, so good!

Fuelling like a boss!

So, although my training didn't go as planned this week, I still got a few necessary things done.  And today it's finally back to running for me - whoop!



  1. Yogurt, cereal, fruit and honey is an amazing combo, one of my favorite breakfasts! :) I'm sorry you got sick again, but I'm glad it allowed you to take care of that IT band. You will be more than ready by the time race day rolls around!

    1. Isn't it the best breakfast combo ever?! I've been having it for DECADES (seriously) and to me it will just never get old. Carries me right through to lunchtime.

      I hope you're right about being ready - fingers crossed...! x

  2. Glad you can always find something of positive in every situation.
    And today ...... run like the wind!

    1. I did, Stefano, and it was GLORIOUS!! :)

    2. Amazing coincidence ..i have never been one for running with music but MAN...these lonesome long runs! I bought myself an MP3 player last week and we are compiling playlists as we speak! Much different from running at the coast with the sounds of the ocean in your ears all the time!...
      Recovery and foam rolling always the best advice... Good on you.
      Hope you feel much better soon and get right on track with you training.
      My goal marathon is 3 Oct...qualifier for Two Oceans next year ;) !!! Xxx

    3. I just had to dig up the MP3-player - I drive myself nuts on those long runs, haha!

      Soooooooo excited about your Two Oceans journey... YOU GO, GIRL!!! xxxx

  3. Glad to hear the week's rest was good for your ITB. I really need to try this foam rolling thing

    1. Try it - you won't be sorry, Jeanette. It really helps my recovery, plus my legs feel sooooo good after a good roll!


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