Tuesday, 2 June 2015


There are so many "Currently" blog hops and posts floating around the Interwebs these days that I honestly don't know who to link this to...  Thanks anyway to the big mama (or papa?) of the "Currently" concept - I think I'll be doing this a lot more often!

Loving  I discovered this gem last week and oh, my, goodness, it's good.  With only two ingredients (organic raw cocoa and organic cocoa butter) and an incredible taste, I'm definitely ordering some more.  {Edited to add: This article has since been published on Le Chocolatier's reportedly false ingredient claims.  Boo.}   

Running  I'm still focusing on the shorter distances and trying to build some speed.  (And yes, I'm still dreaming of that sub-50 minute 10 km!)  Club time trials and local parkruns are a weekly highlight - even more so when family and friends join in.  On Saturday Grandma E did her second parkrun, while Grandpa G spectated and Miss K and I ran with the single stroller - loving it!
Miss K and me ready to roll!  [Photo by Stanley Harvey.]

Grandma E doing her thing.  [Photo by Stanley Harvey.]

Celebrating  We celebrated J Bear's christening at church this weekend!  (And I silently celebrated the fact that he sat as quiet as a mouse for the entire ceremony and then promptly fell asleep for the remainder of the service.  Phew.)  The celebrations continued after church with a braai (barbeque) with family and friends, as well as way too much trifle...  

Writing this, I'm still feeling the consequences of the trifle overload - or perhaps I've caught Grandpa G's flu bug...?  Ugh.  Either way, I'm really appreciating my bed right now.

In an attempt to make my moping self feel better, I've taken to online (running gear) shopping.  Item #1 for Miss K and my 'Tutus and Tiaras Race' in August purchased - woot!    
The North Face Gtd S/S Tee.  [Source.]

And last, but not least, I'm feeling so incredibly proud of my Namibian cousin, who's organising the KPMG Brandberg Rhino Run in Uis, Namibia.  This trail race, with 25, 12 and 6 km distance options, will take place on 20 June 2015 and 100% of the entry fees will go to the Save the Rhino Trust of Namibia.  Support them if you can!

Happy hump day!


  1. I love currently posts! That is so fun that your family is able to join in on the park runs, you must be rubbing off on them ;). And buying new running gear is always a good idea :)

    1. Now if only my love for parkrun could rub off on Will, heehee!! :)

      My new running tee should be delivered today - so excited!!! Next item: Tiaras! :)

  2. Happy Christening! I don't know what the proper way to say that is haha.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! It was a lovely, sunny, joyous day!


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