Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Roxy Performance Gear Review and Giveaway!

Did you know that surfwear brand, Roxy, also has a line of workout gear?  I didn't, and I'm so glad that I stumbled upon it!  Roxy Performance is a line of stylish, high quality workout wear that will have you rocking your workouts/runs in great comfort, while looking great at the same time.  Sounds good, no?  

I was recently given the opportunity to try out the All Around Pant for ladies from this line and can honestly say that it was love at first sight for me.  You know how finding the perfect pair of long running tights can be such a mission?  Kind of like finding the perfect swimsuit or denim jeans?  If that sounds like you, then try these.  It literally had me doing a happy dance!       

The Highs

One of my favourite features of the All Around Pant is the wide, flattering waistband - bye-bye muffin top, ha!  The waistband also features a breathable, cut-out pattern (mesh overlay) that keeps you cool while you do your thing.  I love it!  

Another feature that I really love, is the ruching on the lower leg and ankle - isn't it stunning?  Such a stylish, feminine touch, plus it keeps those ankles nice and warm and stays in place on the run.  

The waistband also has a little pocket for something small, like a gel or a car key (it even has a little car key loop sewn in) - or a Kleenex if you're anything like me.  I always need a Kleenex on the run.  

The Lows

The only complaint I have about the All Around Pant is that, for me, it does tend to slide down a bit while I run.  Perhaps a drawstring at the waist would have helped?  Or simply a smaller size for me personally (I tested a size medium)?  Whatever the case may be, I do find that I have to tug it upwards occasionally to prevent the crotch from going lower and lower. 

The All Around Pant is also on the expensive side (just like any other pair of workout tights worth its salt): It retails for R799.95. 

The Verdict

I la-la-la-la-love these tights!  If you've been following Running the Race for a while, you'll know that I'm a skapri kind of girl and that I need to feel really comfortable and confident in a pair of tights before I go skirtless.  Well, I've gone skirtless in these countless times and do so without even giving it a second thought - they're just so comfortable and flattering!  Even though I received a review pair free of charge, I'm seriously considering purchasing myself a second pair so that I can alternate between the two - they're that good.


Aaaand, since it's Running the Race's fifth birthday tomorrow, I'm celebrating by giving one of you the awesome Cutback Tank (pictured below) from the Roxy Performance line, valued at R499.95!  All you have to do to enter, is comment on this post, saying why you'd like to win, and this stunning piece could be yours!  


[Ts & Cs: Giveaway open to tough chicks everywhere and closes on Wednesday, 27 May 2015 at 17:00 CAT.  Tank size: Medium.  The winner will be announced on Running the Race's Facebook fanpage on 28 May 2015 and will have 24 hours to claim their prize via e-mail.  Failure to do so will result in a new winner being selected.]   

Get entering!


  1. I would love to win :) fluffyangelo101 at aol dot com

  2. Awesome giveaway and congrats on your milestone!!! YYYY would I not want such a great cutback tank from the Roxy Performance line!!!???

    1. Thanks so much, Astrid!

      I know, right?!?! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Me too, Fathima! Wide, stretchy waistbands for the win! :)

  4. I have such trouble finding tights too! They all bag at the crotch on me haha. Partially because I'm short, I think :) I love that it has a wide band too! I've only ever seen shorts with a big band like that. Thanks for the review, Karien!

    1. I'm a shorty too, Hailey, and I really think that's part of the reason for my mission to find the perfect long tights too! These are really great, though - problem is, now I want 10 pairs because I don't know if I'll ever find such a perfect pair again, haha...!

  5. I had no idea Roxy made workout gear! Very cool :)

  6. Roxy rocks! Would love to wear one of those! xxx zani@urchindesign.co.za

  7. Baie geluk met jou 5 jaar Katrien! Ek geniet nog elke een! Die hemp lyk baie gemaklike en koel, met die klem op KOEL veral vir die Noord Kaap somers xxx Rene

    1. Baie dankie, Mevrou - waardeer! En ek stem: Daai hemp is GEMAAK vir die NK somers! xxxx


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