Thursday, 7 May 2015

A giant leap for big heads everywhere

After being in denial about it for way too long, I've finally decided to face the inevitable: My grimy beloved old running visor needs to go.  Together we've travelled to the US, France, Lesotho and Namibia and tackled four international races, and I must say, it's a bit like bidding an old friend farewell.  But, it's time to say goodbye and move on - out with the faded and stained old, in with the new!
What does the US, France and Lesotho have in common?  One grimy old visor, apparently.

Thing is, I have a big head.  Literally.  And, funny as it may sound (it's not), finding any form of running cap or visor-like sun protection is quite simply a nightmare.  Whoever came up with the term "one size fits all" needs to be severely punished.  What a lie!  Good thing they came to their senses and changed it to "one size fits most" - and I definitely don't fall under "most".

Huge (pun intended) was my surprise then when I visited sports store number one, expecting to find row upon row of "one size fits all" caps that squeeze the living daylights out of my head and fit like a Kippah...  There, right before my very eyes, hung row upon row of peak caps with different circumferences!  All neatly and clearly marked for my convenience.  And, delight upon delights, the largest men's size I could find (58 cm) actually fit comfortably!  Hallelujah!  This is a lifetime first for me, people.  Adidas, you rock.     

Aaaaaand, upon getting home I discovered that it even has a peak slightly longer than my beloved old visor's - take that, African sun!  

So here's to many more international races without pinching-cap headaches, Kippah style race photos and sun squinting finish line poses - my year has officially been made!


  1. Great find! Here's to many happy km

    1. Thanks, Cat! Definitely the find of the year for me :) .

  2. Whoot! Nothing beats finding that perfect running gear :)

    1. And after a lifetime of searching for the perfect cap, this find was especially sweet, wooooooot! :)


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