Tuesday, 21 April 2015

No excuse to sit on the couch

Us running parents sure can make a big deal out of the things that make running a challenge, can't we?  Our jobs, family commitments, a lack of energy, too little time, blah, blah, blah...  But you know what?  Sometimes we're just plain lazy.  Like I was last week.  It was Tuesday afternoon and I knew all too well that skipping the weekly club time trial would a) make me feel miserable, and b) throw out my entire running schedule for the week.  And yet I skipped it.  Because I was exhausted hungry lazy.  Boo.

Exactly one day before my run-skipping laziness, my good friend Anna took an unfortunate tumble on the first day of their family skiing trip to France.  But, ironmom that she is, she shrugged off the pain in her wrist and opted to continue skiing, until blacking out on the ski lift shortly after.  Her arm was broken.

Anna, shortly after her fall.
Heeding the good advice of her physician, she spent the rest of their holiday cheering on her hubby and three kids on the slopes, but knowing Anna I just know how she itched to get out there and join them.

This morning, exactly one week after Anna's fall, I received the following text: "It is indeed possible to run with a cast and a buggy".  I am in absolute awe.  And not only did Anna show me that anything is possible, she also unknowingly gave my lazy butt the kick it needed with her incredible attitude: "It's so much easier to sit on the couch and feel sorry for yourself, but that just makes you feel even worse.  Endorphins make everything better." 

Anna, her cast and Baby L fast asleep in his running buggy.

So thanks, Anna, for the kick in my lazy butt.  It's exactly what I needed.  You.  Are.  Amazing!  


  1. Your blog never fails to inspire me!

    1. Thanks, Lisa - that really means a lot. And Anna is a true inspiration, isn't she?!

  2. Wow. Running and pushing that with a cast...now that is inspiration for anyone! Thanks for sharing, Karien, you always share the best stories! poopy shirt ones and all hehe ;).

    1. Heehee, Hailey - sometimes the poopy shirt stories are (in hindsight!) the funnest ones to share!


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