Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Running Moment of the Year 2015

My year of running fun has been really good to me so far, with three new to me parkrun venues visited; a very unexpected 10 km PB; and the start of our very own, local parkrun - it's been a fun, eventful three months!   

All of these pale in comparison, however, to the running fun that we had last night: Missy K's first official playgroup "athletics meet".  The evening was everything that I think a playgroup athletics meet should be, with a strong focus on physical activity, family participation and having fun - basically runnerd mama heaven!  

First up was the sprint, next the push-bike dash, and after that the sakspringresies (a South African thing?) - and never once did that gorgeous smile leave that beautiful little face.  I was, of course, cheering and blowing kisses until my cheeks hurt - so much fun! 

In between "events", families were encouraged to spend time together picnicking and just having fun, which we did like champions.  What is an athletics meet without some refuelling, right?  


Will and I lined up with the other parents for the water balloon throw (and did surprisingly well, considering my complete lack of hand-eye coordination) and the three-legged race, which turned out to be a six-legged race for us when K decided to join in.  I haven't laughed so much in a long, long time!

Our six-legged race.  Look at us go!  [Photo by Johan Kotze.]

Family, running, laughs and happy kiddo faces - I think I've just recorded my running moment of the year for 2015.



  1. Playgroup athletics sounds like an awesome way to keep the kids active and healthy! Especially these days with all the screen time they get (not your kids -- kids in general haha).

    1. I totally agree, Lisa - I love the concept. And I especially love the way they encourage moms and dads to join their kids in being active and having fun - it's often times the parents that lead by an unhealthy, inactive example!


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