Wednesday, 4 February 2015

What doesn't kill you makes you... faster?

It's been four weeks (!) since our first club time trial and, although dragging my protesting body there every Tuesday evening is still a big ol' mental game (I prefer early morning runs, especially in this heat), I've never regretted going.

Afternoons are kind of hot where we live...

One of my favourite things about doing the time trial, is knowing that I would never have pushed myself as hard had I run alone.  'Hate' is such a strong word, but I really, really dislike tempo runs.  (Maybe that's why I'm not faster?  Ha!)  They're hard work.  And even more so with a jogging stroller.  I do find, however, that doing a tempo run with others there to push and pace me is somewhat more bearable.  I even kind of like it.

So here are our finish times for the 4 km time trail for the past four weeks:
  • 13 January 2015 - 22:47 (with J-Bear as my co-pilot in the single stroller);
  • 20 January 2015 - 22:51 (with Miss K as co-pilot in the single stroller);
  • 27 January 2015 - 22:44 (with Miss K as co-pilot in the single stroller); and
  • 3 February 2015 - 19:55 (solo run).

Are you seeing what I'm seeing??  A sub-5 min/km pace over 4 km for that last one - wahoo!  That's a sub-50 minute 10 km pace, people!  Now, don't worry - I have zero illusions about the difference between a sub-5 min/km 4 km and a sub-5 min/km 10 km, but there's definitely progress, and I'm thrilled!  A few more months of doing this and who knows, right...?

Watch this space!



  1. Runners language :) interesting though to see that the run without your co-pilots were a lot faster, but probably not as strenuous? I have no idea what it's like to run, but when I do it feels like I'm carrying this heavy load that's jiggling everywhere and requires me to rest after 15 relatively slow pace running steps...
    All the best with your next run!!

    1. Thanks, Chevone! Believe me, solo runs are a lot less strenuous than runs with the stroller, depending on how fast you go, of course ;) . I was also surprised to see that the time difference between the two is that big, though!

      Don't worry about feeling like that during your runs - that's where we all start and it gets A LOT better, I promise! I found that the secret is to just keep at it over time (with your doctor's approval, of course). One beautiful day you'll discover that you can go a bit further before getting tired... And even further the next time... And before you know it, you'll be hooked!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Woo woo! That's great, Karien! It doesn't matter whether it wasn't for 10k, it just matters that you're letting your body feel that pace and as you train you will be able to hold it that pace for longer and longer :) I'm sure having your little co-pilots along for the previous ones didn't hurt for making you stronger either ;)

    1. Thanks so much, Hailey - coming from you that's so encouraging! Because you know a thing or two about speed, heehee! I plan to try and work up to 8 km at that pace towards the end of the year and see what happens at my December 10 km race... :)

  3. Awesome stuff!! This makes me yearn for running. Ahh.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! As I was running, I was thinking: "This sucks. Do you REALLY want to hurt like this for an entire 10 kms??" And then when it was over, I was like: "When can we do this again?!" Haha!

      How's your leg? Hope it will be healed in time for our CT run?? :)


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