Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 Running Goals: My Year of Running Fun

I've been uncharacteristically hesitant about thinking up and jotting down my running goals for 2015.  Perhaps it's because 2014 taught me that we can plan all we like, but life sometimes has other plans?  Or perhaps 2014 has simply left me so exhausted on all levels that I can't imagine chasing a new PB just yet?  Whatever the reason, I haven't been able to identify some exciting new goals with the same ease as I have in previous years.  

I know all too well, though, that I'm the type of person who needs goals to help me focus and that I very definitely need exciting things (i.e. runs or races) to look forward to on those days when the everyday-blahs strike.  

We need exciting things to look forward to!

So here's what I finally came up with for 2015: It will, God willing, be my year of running fun.  2014 was all about PRs and improvement; 2015 will be about having fun.  A little sabbatical, if you will, from the never-ending quest to clock new PRs.  And since my idea of fun involves my family, running and travelling, most of my running goals for 2015 will revolve around these things too.  Here they are:
  • Complete parkruns at five new-to-me official parkrun venues (you knew parkrun was going to feature in there somewhere, right?);
  • Do one international run or race in a country where I've never run or raced before (that will bring my total of countries run in to date up to six!);
  • Get a local parkrun up and running in our new home town;
  • Complete a race (our first!) as a family of four; and
  • Do a fun costume race (also my first!).

Can't wait to do a race with these two.

Encouraging myself to have fun - I like it!  Does this mean that I won't be entering races or training hard?  Or that I've forgotten about that sub-50 10 km?  Not at all.  I'll definitely be doing some local races and giving my all in each one.  But just for 2015 I don't want to place the focus purely on performance - I need to have a bit of fun.

Wishing you a joyful and fun year of running too!



  1. Good luck on your goals. I am sure you will succeed in reaching all of them.
    What about a race in Rome?

    1. Thanks so much, Stefano!

      A race in Rome sounds magnificent! So many beautiful places to run and so little time...!

  2. Come do your international race in Canada! ;)

    1. My cousin and her family visited Canada for four months in 2013 (?) and she did her very first half-marathon there - in the snow! (Very fun and exciting for us South African/Namibians who never see snow!) I've been wanting (yearning, actually) to run in Canada ever since :) . If only the flights weren't so darn expensive, arghhh!

  3. I love your goals! I think running has to be fun before the time goals come anyway:) not to say running will always be fun and games, especially the days that involve huffing and puffing just to finish ha, but I think there has to be that element of fun or else we start to dread it. That's so exciting about starting a park run! I can't wait to hear all about it!

    1. So true, Hailey. And that's exactly why I just need a bit of running fun right now - I don't ever want to lose this love for running!

      So excited about the local parkrun - I think it will make me love our new home town a whole lot more :) !

  4. Quote - "2015 will be about having fun".
    Couldn't agree more Karien, that's exactly what I intend to do - not just for 2015, but for as long as I have breath.
    Not that it always feels like fun, dragging myself out of bed, in the dark, to go for a dawn run. But invariably when I get back after watching the sun rise on another new day I'm feeling on top of the world and thinking "By 'eck, I enjoyed that". And long may it be so.
    Happy New Year....

    1. Amen to every, single word, Gordon.

      Wishing you and your lovely partner and blessed and healthy 2015!


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