Thursday, 6 November 2014

The secret to making perfect smoothies

Remember how I excitedly exclaimed that summer is finally here?  How we had two weeks of glorious warm weather and how I even vowed never to complain about the heat again?  Well, I take all of that back.  Right now.  Because winter is back in full force, and we're freezing our butts off!  Again.  Yep, we're back to wearing our fluffy Hello Kitty pyjamas at night and Miss K is fighting a bout of tonsillitis.  Pffffft.

Our glorious, short-lived moment of summer.

But, seeing that, according to the calendar, it is actually summer, I've dug out the old blender anyway, just like I do every year: It's time to indulge my inner health nut and make some smoothies!  And holy yum - I.  Just.  Can't.  Stop.  There is nothing better than an ice cold glass brimming with nutrients after a sweaty summertime run - nothing.  Add in a good mixture of proteins and carbs and your post-run recovery benefits from it too - bam!   

And because this kind of goodness needs to spread around, I thought I'd share with you my two secrets to making the perfect summery smoothie.  And they're so simple:

Secret #1: Freeze your bananas.  Trust me: It makes a world of difference.  Want to turn your glass of healthy-tasting slush into a dreamy, ice-creamy bowl of delight?  Blitz in a frozen banana.  I keep a stash of them handy in the freezer and never make a smoothie without one.  Frozen bananas work well with both fruity smoothies (using fruit juice or coconut water as a base) and "milky" smoothies (I use almond milk or yoghurt as base for these).  Be warned: Your smoothies will never be the same again.

Secret #2: Add half an avocado.  I've found this to work best with "milky" smoothies (think almond milk, coconut, raw cacao, dates, honey, etc.), giving it a mousse-like texture that I simply can't get enough of.  In addition to the creaminess it adds, avocado also makes a smoothie stick to the ribs for so much longer - I can drink one for breakfast and it easily tides me over until lunchtime.  Soooo good.  Try it.

I leave you with my current favourite:

Choc Mousse Smoothie

1 Large frozen banana
2 Pitted dates
Half a cup of plain yoghurt or 1 cup of almond milk
Half a cup of filtered water (If using yoghurt.  Add more if you prefer a runnier smoothie.)
1 Tablespoon of coconut butter/coconut flakes
1 Level tablespoon of raw cacao
1 Sprig of fresh mint
Half an avocado
A squeeze of honey

Blitz together in a blender and enjoy!



  1. Mmm love almond milk as a base in my smoothies. I used to do orange juice, but I'm loving the almond milk lately! I'm a bit of a strange one...I don't like avocados! Ha. So when people say they love guacamole I'm like..ehh no thanks ;) I love the date idea! I'll have to try that addition:)

    1. You must really try the dates! I find that I can often leave out any form of sweetener (e.g. honey) because of the dates - they add a nice sweetness :) . You need to blitz it a bit longer to break up the dates, though - otherwise you'll end up chewing clumps of date... ;)

  2. Ooh nice recipe! I need to get more creative with my smoothie recipes! I'm still too chicken to add avocado, even though I know it'll be delicious!

    1. Heehee, I felt exactly the same - adding avocado or spinach to my smoothies just seemed, I don't know - wrong? But I'm so glad I took the plunge - it's delicious! :)

  3. Mmmmm frozen bananas. Good call! Also, hope your weather gets better soon!

    1. Hopefully our crazy weather has sorted itself out by the time you get here...! Should be fine by then, though - you're going to love it!!

  4. That looks really great! I must admit I am a bad person as I take a milkshake any day before a smoothie... The weather is really not funny anymore. Our pool just can't heat up. But I'm sure there are plenty very warm days ahead.

    1. Heehee, you sound a lot like Will, Johann! I often get an eye-roll for all my healthy concoctions... :)

      I'm with you on this weather - come on, Summer!!


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