Tuesday, 4 November 2014

2014 SA Running Sock Swap

Come and join us!

How will it work?  Send an e-mail to the address listed above before 28 November 2014 containing your name, postal address, social media details, shoe size and sock preferences (e.g. long vs hidden, padded vs super thin, neon vs white) and you'll be added to the list.  I will match every registered participant with a fellow runner and send out those details by 1 December 2014.  You will then have until 10 December 2014 to buy your partner a new pair of running socks, stuff it to the brim with running goodies to the value of R120 (think gels, energy bars, anti-chafing cream, headbands, more socks, running magazines, KT Tape, etc.), post it to them, and let me know in an e-mail that you have.  And, before you know it, you'll have the most amazing package of running happiness waiting for you in the mail too!

See what I mean?  Parcels from the 2013 swap.

Come on, join us.  You know you want to!

Disclaimer: The sole idea behind this swap is to spread some smiles.  Running the Race will act as host of the swap, but will take no responsibility for lost packages, unfortunate sock choices, party poopers or postal service strikes.



  1. This is s great idea!! I wish I was in SA for it.

    1. We had so much fun with it last year, Raina - I really hope that this year will be even bigger! I'd really like to make it international one day - if only the cost of shipping wasn't so high... :(


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