Monday, 15 September 2014

Thoughts on this weekend's long run

Before I share some thoughts on this weekend's long run (The Big Daddy - 18 km, whoop!), can I just say that I absolutely love summertime weekends in this beautiful country of ours?  Temperatures are rising and everything is green and fresh - we literally spend as much time as possible over the weekends just lounging and playing around in shady spots in the garden.  I love it!

But before I did some (much needed!) lounging around this past weekend, I had some business to take care of: My last long run before the Fish River Half-Marathon in Namibia on the 27th.  I had an 18 km run on the schedule, and have learnt by now that those need to be tackled with a positive mindset and a whole lot of respect, ha!  Here are a few thoughts on my 11 miler:

1.  The mind is such a powerful thing!  It has the fascinating ability to push the body to do way more than it ever wants to do.  I'm so thankful that running has taught me that.

18 km done!

2.  The wind was at my back for the mentally toughest part of the route - 't was gooooooood.

3.  I fuelled with honey.  It was very sweet (actually a bit too sweet for my liking), but did the job nicely: All natural, and no sticky mess.  I ran with one sachet and took a few slurps at 10 km and 15 km, which I think I'll do during the race as well.  

4.  This.  And summer has barely begun.

Us runners certainly are an attractive lot.

5.  Poor Miss K has a nasty cold, and Grandpa has been struggling to get rid of the flu.  Praying that they'll both feel better soon and that they'll be healthy in time for our trip to Namibia next week...!

Taper time!!


  1. Great job on the 11-miler! Oh the runner's mind ha. It's definitely a maker or a breaker of a run! Those are some pretty impressive tan lines you got going on there ;) I hope everyone feels better soon! You're going to do great in your half! :)

    1. Thanks, Hailey! I can't believe the race is in less than two weeks - eeeeeeeeek!! I'm sooooooo excited!! :)

  2. Nice! Yes, the tans are coming along nicely. Where do you get the honey sachets?

    1. Just imagine what we'll look like by the end of summer, haha!

      You can order the honey sachets from EnerB directly, Johann - I'll tweet you the details.

  3. Great job on your run, and enjoy the taper!! :)

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I must say that I usually love the taper just as much as the training - definitely not a grumpy taperer, haha!


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