Monday, 4 August 2014

Weekend Whatnots

Whatnot #1 - After 13 days and 12 long nights of work-related training in Cape Town (a gazillion miles from where we live), Will is finally back home!  Although things went very well for us here (and I had our wonderful nanny to help me), we're all super happy to have him back.  And I must say that I have a newfound and very deep respect for all the single parents out there - you are amazing.

Will literally showered us with gifts upon his return - I can't even begin to tell you how overwhelmed and blessed I feel.  My (many and awesome!) gifts included this bad boy:

Cobalt blue Nike running tights - eeeeeeeek!!  I usually stick to more conservative black tights (yawn, I know), and Will is always trying to convince me to lighten up a little.  But I must say - I LOVE these!!  They are super comfy and fit really well.  Now I want to run all the time, ha!

Whatnot #2 - The date for my goal half-marathon for 2014 has finally been announced - wahooo!  It's a week later than I anticipated, which is great (although my current sporadic running roster needs a lot more than a week to be salvaged).  Now to hope and pray that J Bear's passport is issued in time...

Whatnot #3 - My virtual parkrun buddy, Anna, smashed my solo parkrun PB this weekend with one whole second - well done, A!  She now holds both the solo and stroller parkrun PBs...  Darn, I seriously need to pull it together...!

Whatnot #4 - You know you're a runner when your little girl's idea of playing dress-up involves a SPI Belt, an MP3 player and running sunglasses...

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Such a cute picture of your little lady! Enjoy running in the new pants ;)

    1. Thanks, Lisa!

      I took my new blue pants for a spin yesterday, and I looooooove them, haha!


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