Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rombie Apocalypse

I love (?) how running magazine articles always point out that enough sleep is essential to good running performance (as if we didn't know?), but without fail fail to offer a word of advice (or at least sincere condolences) to new parents.  This is a serious conundrum, people.  (The lack of sleep experienced by newbie runner parents, I mean.)  Trust me, a rombie (running + mom + zombie) is a scary, scary sight.


J Bear is just recovering from a bout of laryngitis, which he got compliments of our new nanny.  Sigh.  Let's just say that it's been a long, long week, with even longer nights.  Helloooooo, Rombie.

J Bear, pre-laryngitis.

An extended lack of good quality sleep has the ability to turn even the most level-headed, mature adult (and dedicated runner) into a complete nut case: Out goes the ability to see the bigger picture and calmly reason about how great you'll feel after a run, and in comes emotional boohoo'ing about skipped runs and every other imaginable petty little thing.  It's a vicious circle.   

So here's my advice to all the fellow rombies out there (since the rest of the media world has clearly forgotten about us): 

  • The combined effect of a lack of sleep and a lack of running endorphins is much worse than the effect of a lack of sleep alone.  If, in your daze, you're still able to safely go for a run and find your way home, do it.
  • You might not be able to (want to) see the bigger picture, but just trust the knowledge that it is, in fact, there.  You will eventually sleep again.  And run without looking (and feeling) like you've partied the night away.  Promise.
  • There is no shame in going to bed at 18:30 at night, when Baby calls it a day.  No one needs to know anyway.
  • Feed your body well (go to Woolies if you don't have time to cook) and drink enough water.  Junk food may be convenient, but it will make you feel even worse.  Truth.
  • Walk if you can't run - just get out there and move.  The fresh air and the break from all things young family will do you a world of good.

Oh, and sincere condolences.  At least we're living proof that those running magazine articles know what they're talking about when they say that enough sleep is important, right?


  1. Great post for all the moms out there, Karien! You're so right, all these magazines talk about how important sleep is, but fail to mention that for parents of young kids, it's a hard thing to come by. I think they should take some tips from moms like you :)

    1. I can't help but giggle when I see yet another article that says: "Make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night"... Uhm, we would if we could? ;)

  2. I am soooo bad for skipping my runs when I'm tired. But I never ever regret going, so I need to just suck it up haha.

    1. I know! Even in the foggiest daze one feels so much better after running. Note to self, ahem!


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