Thursday, 24 July 2014


We've moved.  We have a (temporary) new home, a new neighbourhood, a new town and a new province.  Well, sort of.  We lived in Kimberley (our "new" home) a few years back, so everything isn't really that brand new.  And most importantly: We have some amazing friends here that we can't wait to spend more time with.  But still there is a huge part of me that gets tired just thinking about all of the changes.

Despite the "figuring out life as a family of four"-changes going on for us right now, we had a pretty comfy routine going on back in our old town: I knew all the running routes in the old neighbourhood - I knew exactly where the road surfaces slanted; I knew which houses had aggressive dogs; and I knew when to avoid running because of traffic.  We also all loved our dear old nanny; K loved her little play group and I loved the fact that my favourite brand of dark chocolate was always just a block's stroll away.  We had a dear, dear neighbour and Will had a great group of cycling friends that he trained with.  Sigh.

So right now this mama is in "create a new routine as soon as possible" overdrive.  And Number 298 on my list is figuring out a new running routine: Finding a stroller-friendly route; making a mental note of houses with dogs; identifying a good time to run; and finding a parkrun substitute for Saturday mornings (Kimberley doesn't have a parkrun ... yet...  Whaaaaaaa!)...  Yip, again I'm tired just thinking about it all.  But at least yesterday we made a start.  All in good time, right?  

Our first run in Kimberley!  All 2.6 km of it... (before Mom was pooped and J Bear had had enough).
Helloooooo, Kimberley!


  1. You moved!! Good luck with settling in!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Hehe, we well and truly live in the sticks now... But a place is what you make of it, right...? ;)

  2. At least all of your runs will be adventurous for a while!...hopefully just not the kind of adventures with crazy dogs. How are you going to do without your park runs!? You're going to have to start your own little group ;). Hope you're able to settle in soon and I wish you many great memories in your new neighborhood! :)

    1. My beloved parkruns...!! But you're right, negotiations are already going on to get our very own parkrun right here in Kimberley, hehe :) . Thanks so much for the good wishes, Hailey!


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