Monday, 23 June 2014

Running the Karoo

On Friday I flew down to Cape Town for a quick weekend of work-related training in the beautiful Karoo.  We stayed at the Drie Kuilen Nature Reserve near Montagu, a 4 500 ha property that offers some spectacular Karoo views and, of course, prime running opportunities. 

Typically Karoo, the mornings were nippy and fresh, with vegetation covered in frost and my body steaming as I stopped for pictures.  But the rewards were ample: What better way to start off a day than by watching a starry sky make way for a magnificent Karoo sunrise?

Frost-covered Karoo bossies (bushes).

I did two runs during our time at Drie Kuilen and have only one thing to say about running the Karoo: It's good for the soul.  I spent both runs in awe of the splendour of the landscape and the privilege of running it - words simply cannot do its beauty justice.  

I could spend a week running Drie Kuilen and even then I wouldn't be able to fit in all the runs that I still want to do there: From game viewing on the run, to visiting the poplar forest, waterfall, rock pools and some spectacular rock formations - the place is a runner's paradise.

I headed back home feeling refreshed and blessed.  Go run the Karoo if ever you get the chance - I highly, highly recommend it!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. O man I bet this place was just beautiful to run in!

  2. So pretty! I would love to run in a place like that...with no interruptions, just nature's beauty :)

    1. I love runs like that too, Hailey - they leave you feeling blessed and refreshed! :)

  3. Such a beautiful landscape, and so different from what I'm used to. Awesome :)

    1. Perhaps you can visit the Karoo when you're in SA next year - not too far from Cape Town :) ...


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