Sunday, 6 April 2014

Running Wild

This week was a whopper.  It was back to work for me (after four months of maternity leave); back to the doctor for K (after three previous visits); and back to drinking once every two hours right through the night for J.  Phew.  I think the start of the weekend needs to be celebrated.  

Helloooooo, weekend!

With dark chocolate, and, of course, a run.  A special one.

Naval Hill is Bloem's (sad-ish?) equivalent of Cape Town's Table Mountain.  Now, before you start thinking in terms of World Wonders, you should know that it's exactly 22.4 times smaller.  And the setting isn't nearly as grand.  But it's all we have.  And we run the living daylights out of it.

I was thrilled to find, after returning to the running scene after J's birth, that some blessed soul in a position of authority somewhere thought of us runners while compiling a budget for the recent re-vamping of Naval Hill (thank you!!).  I was met with a neatly paved running path, marked with safety lights and going all the way up to the hill's new focal point: A 6.5 m high statue of former president Nelson Mandela.  I love it.

Going up.

On top of the world  Naval Hill.

The path isn't (yet?) very long (my Garmin is still dead, but I'm guessing no longer than 2 km) and is a bit overgrown in places, so here's hoping they'll maintain it well.  There is, however a multitude of tar and gravel roads on top of the hill, so once you're safely up there, there are running options aplenty.

We (Will and the kids followed me in the car for safety reasons) also lucked out in the game department (Naval Hill comprises a small nature reserve called the Franklin Nature Reserve):  

Running with the zebras...

Look closely.

Told you.

And the Blue Wildebeest...

And the Giraffe...

So even though we don't have the ocean, or fynbos, or any of that neat stuff, we do have a great place to go for celebratory weekend runs.  Rumour has it that our very own parkrun is starting at this very location early in May 2014 - can't wait!!


  1. I have to say, I would take seeing wild animals like that over the ocean any day! Now that is neat :)

    1. And because the mountain (hill) is relatively small, one is almost guaranteed to spot game whenever you go there. Love it :) .

  2. That must've been such an awesome experience!! Also, that 70% chocolate is the best.

    1. Those 70%'ers make me ridiculously happy... :)

  3. Much better than Cape Town! I love Naval Hill and love what they've done there.

    1. They're really doing a great job - can't wait to see it when it's all done. Huge improvement on the old Naval Hill.


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