Thursday, 17 April 2014

Battle of the Weirdos

You know I love running, right?  But sometimes I think that running brings out the weirdness in people.  And I'm not referring to runners only.

The fact that running brings out the weirdness in runners is actually not news at all: We're talking about a bunch of early-rising, lycra- (or short broeks-) loving, everyone-has-a-port-a-loo-story people (including yours truly), remember?

Running.  Guaranteed to bring out the weirdo in you.

But the fact that running also brings out the weirdness in (some) non-runners is not as well documented.  But still very true.  Case in point: Shouting comments at runners from moving vehicles.  Who does that?!  Who on earth goes to the trouble of opening a car window and hurling a comment at a complete stranger?  A stranger who's making an effort to be healthy?  Now that's just weird.  And it happens a lot.

I've experienced my fair share of comment hurling.  Both good and bad.  And some of them extremely funny, I must admit.  Like the latest one: K and I dropped J off at home after our double-strolling stint through the security complex last week, and then headed out for a long(er) run.  With an empty-seated double stroller (given, that's a bit like an open invitation to comment hurlers).  As we rounded the final corner of our run, a women driving past us literally hung out of her car window, shouting: "You've lost one of your babies...!".  Ha, I couldn't help but giggle.

A double stroller with one empty seat.  An open invitation to comment hurlers everywhere.

A similar incident happened when K was about 6 months old.  We went for an early morning run with the single stroller and just as I was getting into my groove and starting to feel all hard core and all, an older lady (do ladies shout out of windows?) drove past us and shouted: "Keep on running, Mama!  At this rate you'll have your pre-pregnancy body back in no time!".  Now this would have been very motivating and all, except that I had already reached my pre-pregnancy weight about a month before that.  Uhm, yeah.

Then there's also been the I love yoouuuuu's, the Marry meeeeeeee's (?!) and the Hallo you twooooo's (when running solo)...  And the list goes on.  I must admit that I'm not really a fan.  So, comment-hurling non-runners, take it from this early-rising, lycra-loving, runner with a port-a-loo story: A silent high five and a knowing smile goes a very long way.

Have you ever been commented on during a run?  Good or bad?


  1. Love this post! Completely agree that running brings out the weirdness in EVERYONE. So far, none of the comments shouted out through car windows have been nice, at least in my opinion. They have either been whistles or some comment about my body. Who knows maybe some people take it as a compliment, but I see it as being more disrespectful. The in-person encounters I've had have for the most part been nice, with the exception of one lady who always glares at me when I say "good morning" so I've started to do it back in hopes that one day she'll either ask me what I'm staring at so I can ask her the same or she says "good morning to me". I'm determined! ;)

    1. Hehe, I really battle to understand why some people find it so hard to echo a "good morning". Goodness, it doesn't take that much effort...!

  2. The whole obsession the world seems to have with losing pregnancy weight drives me insane, and it leads to such unhealthy thoughts. Also, everyone seems to think that the only reason new mothers exercise is to lose pregnancy weight. How silly!

    But I totally agree - people love shouting out weird comments to runners!

    1. Don't even get me started on the topic of pregnancy weight. I was astounded to find, during my first pregnancy, how many people (some total strangers) felt obliged to say something about my pregnant body. As if it isn't completely normal and healthy and necessary to gain weight during pregnancy?! Aaag, I could carry on all day. Anyway, I totally agree with you.


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