Friday, 21 March 2014

The Day I Discovered That Dodgy Sometimes Tastes Great

Today is a public holiday, Human Rights Day, in South Africa and what better way to start off a long weekend than with a local race?  And by "race" I mean merrily jogging along with a bunch of like-minded people - we're still light-years away from chasing PBs and all that.  

K and I got up at 06:09 and the race started at 07:00, so yes, we were cutting it really, really close.  I wasn't sure that we'd be doing the race in the first place - Baby J has a cold and I wanted to see how everyone was feeling this morning before making the call.  J looked fine, though, and dear, sweet Will offered to watch him and encouraged us girls to go run.  Have I mentioned that he's one in a million?!

We somehow managed to get up, get dressed, eat something (K), drive to the race, enter and set up the stroller in exactly 40 minutes.  Yep, we even had 5 minutes to spend dawdling around at the starting line before the race started.  And I'm so glad we did - look who we bumped into!

A regular at our local races - still smiling, looking great and running strong at 80+!  What an inspiration.

I must admit that I didn't have the greatest of runs - this whole week's runs have actually been a bit blah.  I literally shuffled along - I remember thinking at one stage that I'd be going backwards if I was moving any slower...!  But my body just didn't want to go any faster - and that's okay.  We're all entitled to an "off" day (or week) of running every now and again, right? 

The saddest part of the race, though, was confirming that my Garmin is on its way out.  It started off at 94% charged and died after 2 km - boo!!  I love running with that watch and sure hope it can be fixed.

We finished the 4 km route in 25-ish minutes (no watch, remember?) and I was spent.  I'm not a fan of commercially produced energy/isotonic drinks at all and would normally skip it, but I literally gulped down that cup of dodgy-looking bright yellow fluid handed to me at the finish line, ha!  And I must say that dodgy has never tasted so great.

Done!  And done.
Now if you'll excuse me, I see some dark chocolate in my near future.


  1. There is nothing more annoying than your Garmin crapping out on your mid-run! Especially during a race! But hey, you finished! Congrats :)

    1. Soooo sad about my Garmin - what a frustration!! Fingers crossed that they can fix it.

  2. Terrible not to run with a good friend like our Garmin. Congrats for the finishing time.

    1. Thanks, Stefano! Yip, I must admit that I've become quite dependent on running with my Garmin - I really, really miss it!


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