Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Post-Pregnancy Update: Month 3

Baby J turned 3 months (12.5 weeks) old last week!  I feel like I'm finally starting to find my feet - Groggy (sleep deprived) Mama is surfacing less frequently (hey, Will?!) and I'm actually starting out each day with a shower...  Hooray - so thankful!  Here's how things have been going this past month:

Running: Our running is going very well.  I say "our", because I think I've only done one run without K and the stroller after Baby J's birth!  It just makes all the "getting out there" logistics so much easier to run with her, plus she's still my all-time favourite running buddy (and a very chatty one at that these days - I absolutely love it!).  I haven't run with Baby J (or K and J together) yet - in my opinion he's still been a bit too young for running until now (our double stroller doesn't have suspension, so the ride is a bit bumpy), but I'm getting ready to run with both of them pretty soon.

Running with K during our recent parkrun with Phillipa from Run Cape Town.  Hopefully our next parkrun or running tour will be with the double stroller and J too!  [Photo by Run Cape Town.]

I'm currently exactly halfway with my 12-week 10 km programme - and although the progress feels pretty slow (my legs still kind of feel like they've been cut off and glued back on?!  TMI?), there certainly is progress.  Our longest run/walk to date measured 5.75 km, and our longest run 5 km (I was cheeky and did that one out of programme while we were in Cape Town).  Patience and perseverance, right?

My running programme staring at me from the fridge... 

Pregnancy weight loss: I must admit that I'm much more impatient about getting rid of the baby weight this time around.  I (thankfully!) found the whole birthing, recovery and adaptation experience a lot easier this time, and I guess that that has left more time and opportunity to think about getting back into shape.  Just like last time, the final 5 kg is taking its good old time to disappear, though - patience and perseverance, right?  

I'm down a whopping - wait for it - 500 g this month (womp, womp), meaning that I've lost 13.1 kg of the 16.4 kg that I gained during pregnancy so far.  I still have 3.3 kg - in the form of a killer set of love handles and a very, uhm, motherly tummy - to go.  All in good time.         

Baby J: J has turned into the friendliest teddy bear you've ever met (what do you mean I'm bias??) - his smile just lights up the room!  He's also started giving us a bit of a gap to sleep between 7/8-ish in the evening until about midnight/1 a.m., which is absolutely glorious.  He still drinks every 2 to 3 hours after that, though, so after midnight it's game on again...  

Sleepy Bear.

Love this little man and his big sis to bits!


  1. Ahh he's so precious! Awesome that you run with your kids, too. :) And good luck with the weight loss! That last 5kg is the hardest for everyone, so you're not alone haha.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Nothing as stubborn as those last 5 kilos...

  2. Good to see your running going so well. Many people find their running taking a nose dive the first months and even year after a new arrival in the family. Sleepy Bear is precious.

  3. Aww he looks so precious! Glad things are going good, my tummy has never been the same since having kids :/ but they are pretty worth it

  4. Aww he's so cute! Looks like you're getting back into the swing of things just fine :). Also, I have so much respect for moms that run with strollers- talk about a great strength workout!

    1. You're so right - I love how running with the stroller gives you an upper body workout too. Perfect multitasking for new moms ;) !


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