Sunday, 9 February 2014

Post-Pregnancy Update: Month 2

Guess who's two months old this coming week?!  Crazy, right?  Here's how this month has been going:       

Baby J: J is smiling!!  Isn't that first toothless grin just the most beautiful sight ever?  He's still a hungry little man too, but his growth has slowed down a bit.  (We jumped from newborn to No. 3 nappies in just 6 weeks...!)  He drinks every 2 to 3 hours, so Mama's a bit low on sleep, but fortunately he sleeps like a champ in between feedings.  J is just as peaceful as his big sister was when she was a baby - so blessed!     

K making sure that her brother is okay.  Best big sis ever.

Running: I'm running again!!  I got the green light from my doctor to start running again at the end of January, meaning that I'm already starting Week 3 of my 10 k training programme...  Sho, time flies!  On a side note, is it sad how hard core I feel after completing my 4 and 5 minute run/walk intervals...?  (A lot of them are uphill, I must add.  With a stroller.  And a throbbing tooth.  Convinced yet?  Nope?  Well, booyah anyway, ha!)

Barefoot Will stepped in some thorns and braved an army of biting ants to take this photo, so please just take an extra moment to appreciate it.

Pregnancy weight loss: I'm down 1.2 kg this month, so I've lost 12.6 kg of the 16.4 kg that I gained during pregnancy so far.  3.8 kg to go!      

On a serious note, words cannot describe what a massive privilege and blessing and joy being a mom is to me.  K and J just light up my life.  Adventures await!  

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