Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Family Wagon's Maiden Voyage

One marathon overhauling session later, and our used double jogging stroller (a.k.a. The Family Wagon) is looking brand spanking new!  Everything that is anything on that stroller has been washed, tightened, re-adjusted and re-aligned - I think that it is safe to say that we are now officially ready to roll.

Two nights ago I put K to bed with the promise that we would go walking with the new stroller first thing in the morning.  And she definitely didn't forget: She literally woke up saying the words "new stroller walk!".  It took us a while to get out the door (literally - that stroller is wide!), but once we were outside, I couldn't be happier: It surpassed all my expectations.  Here's what I love about the double stroller right off the bat:

  • K loves it.  She seems content and comfortable, and it has quite a bit of space for her to grow.  
  • It handles like a dream.  Seriously - even easier than our single stroller!  It's easy to push and turns on a dime - love.
  • It has more than enough packing space for our needs (we do tend to travel light, though).  I especially love the inserts located where K (and later J too) can reach them, which will allow her to help herself to snacks and juice.  It also has four (yes, four!) bottle/cup holders - I see plenty of coconut water powered long runs in our future...
  • It fits onto our neighbourhood's sidewalk paths.  I was afraid that it might be too wide, but it fits perfectly, allowing us to safely stay out of the streets.

There are, however, some negatives too:
  • This stroller is wide!  But obviously this comes with the territory - we just need to sort out our storage logistics in order to allow for hassle-free exits.
  • One of the back wheels has a slight wobble.  Hopefully our local cycle shop will be able to come to the rescue here.
  • It doesn't have shocks.  This, for me, is the biggest negative - I love training off-road!  For now we'll be fine, but, obviously, for a while after J's birth we'll have stick to even terrain.

I'll do a full review of The Family Wagon once we've had a chance to put it to proper use, but for now I'm really happy with our purchase.  Can't wait for our Saturday morning family runs!


  1. YAY! I loved my double stroller for the freedom it gave me to get out and run with the kids when they were little.

    1. I think I'm going to love the stroller even more once J has been born and it gives me that freedom - can't wait!

  2. A double stroller is going to be nice!! I am glad you can get yours out the door. I had to keep mine in the garage so I didn't have to take it apart every time getting it in and out.
    Yay for the cup holders!! You can never have enough of those. ;)

    1. I think the garage will be the best spot for ours too - if only we can now remember to park the cars a bit more to the front to make some space for it to pass :) !

  3. Replies
    1. She has, hasn't she?!

      Thanks, Shannon - she's such a little blessing :) .


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