Monday, 30 September 2013

Pregnancy Update: Week 28

We're in the third trimester...!  

Symptoms: I feel great!  My bump is really big, so moving around is becoming quite uncomfortable, but I have none of the other common third trimester issues: Zero heartburn, no swollen feet or hands and I sleep quite well at night.  My iron issues are also finally under control - what a difference enough iron makes!    

Baby: We're only having our 28 week sonar later this week, so we haven't seen J in a while, but I can definitely feel him!  Can't wait to "see" his little face later this week.  

My dear, dear friends and family held a baby shower for J this weekend - I feel so blessed and overwhelmed by everyone's kindness and love.  We were literally showered with gifts for J (and some for mom and big sis K too!) - truly, truly thankful.

Baby shower fun.  Spot the bump!

Running: Still only walking.  Completed two fun walk events with K in the past few weeks, which we both loved (recaps here and here), and we'll try to do a few more of those until we no longer feel up to it.   

Weight gain: I've gained a total of 10.6 kg (23.3 pounds) to date.  

Food aversions/cravings: Can you say sweet cravings??  Who on earth am I?!  In our home it's Will who has the sweet tooth - my cravings are 9.5 out of 10 times meat-related.  But not for the past few weeks - I've been going nuts over the sweet stuff!  [And having way too many impromptu chocolate days.  This needs to stop.  Pronto.]

Bump pic: I am now officially there where passers-by stare and little kids point and gasp when we're out and about in the malls.  Yep.    

Seeing all those tiny, blue outfits at the baby shower this weekend made everything feel so much more real...  In a little over two months those outfits will be filled with a piece of our hearts - we're waiting for you, Baby J!   


  1. You are looking fabulous!!! Congrats on keeping fit, Karien. Hope your ultrasound goes well and you get a nice look at the face :)

    1. Thanks so much, Raina - I really appreciate it!


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