Thursday, 26 September 2013

A Family Affair

Yesterday evening is filed away safely in my memory under the "Richly Blessed" tab - in that sacred spot that is reserved for events and adventures that prove without a doubt that money is not the currency of true wealth.  But let me start at the beginning.  

It was a busy, busy day - a day of non-stop go-go-go from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m.  It was the kind of day that chews you up and spews you out in an exhausted heap on the couch; with eyes closed and a secret wish for a sweet Samaritan to offer to cook dinner and throw in a free foot rub too.  But alas.  My Samaritan had other plans: He wanted to run his first 5 k race.

So I did what any exhausted, running-crazy, seven months pregnant better half would do: I changed K's nappy, squeezed my ever-expanding belly into the only remaining tech t-shirt that (sort-of) still fits, and got into the car.  We were doing this.

Let's do this!

You know that old cliche that says that the hardest part is getting out the door?  I challenge you today to prove it wrong.  As soon as we got to the race venue, excitement replaced exhaustion: We became part of 100's of runners and walkers of all ages, shapes and sizes to toe the starting line on a perfect Spring evening.  Will, of course, did his legendary warm-up routine, while K and I just enjoyed the people and the atmosphere [the two of us (and Baby J!) entered the 1 km fun walk].  And after being introduced to legendary Comrades runner, Louis Massyn (RESPECT!), who graced us with his presence, we were off.

Waiting for the starting gun.

I must confess that K and my 1 km fun walk felt waaay longer than it should have (ahem) - waddling is really hard work!  But we walked with a whole bunch of other moms, dads, little ones, grannies and grandpa's - loved it!  Will, on the other hand, flew through his first 5 k race - he finished in 25 minutes flat and looked like he could easily have done 5 more kays.  Sooo proud!

Will finishing his first 5 k race!

But the evening didn't end there: Along with groups of other runners, we bought ourselves some huge, healthy plates of food for next to nothing from the church that hosted the event, and ate and chatted the evening away on the church's lawns.  

Note to self: It's true.  Getting out the door really is the hardest part.  I could have missed out on the perfect evening out with my family, had I stayed plopped down on that couch.  So thankful that I didn't: For a mere R60-something ($6), we did a race, filled our bellies and built some precious memories - a thousand times better than an evening in front of the TV!        



  1. A great day of sport with your family. Congrats to all of you. I remember my first race in 1985: 8 km in 40 minutes (the same Will's pace). I was the last of the pack!

    1. Thanks Stefano! Will is very competitive - just like you! - and is already talking of clocking a faster time next time!


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