Tuesday, 10 September 2013

2014 Running Dreams

Not being able to run for a couple of months equals plenty of time to ponder and dream about future running adventures...  I have, however, learnt the hard way that sharing  running goals and goal races on the Internet isn't always the wisest thing to do: Life has a sneaky way of sometimes having other plans.  Having said that, I find that dreaming and planning is good for the soul - something to look forward to is oftentimes exactly what is needed to enable you to tackle the mundane parts of the present with enthusiasm.

So here's what I've been thinking (all of it still cautiously tentative, of course): My dream of running an international race once a year is still very much alive (you can see my progress to date here).  I am, however, very careful not to turn my dream into a nightmare for my family: Long traveling distances, disrupted routines, and eventual exhaustion is not exactly a recipe for excitement for a young family.  So I was thinking of Namibia for 2014: Near enough to make the traveling bearable, and so much beauty to behold...  The Fish River Half-Marathon is held in September every year in Keetmanshoop, a town in the south of Namibia, and it is coupled with a century cycle race in which Will can take part - bonus!  We also have family in Keetmanshoop who we haven't seen for ages, so this would be the ideal opportunity for a long overdue visit.


Running Dreams Numbers 2 and 3 for 2014 are very similar: I have some unfinished business with my 10 and 21 k PRs!  A sub-50 minute 10 k was on my list for 2013, and is still very much a dream for 2014.  And so is a sub-1:59:27 half-marathon - perhaps it would even be possible to clock a PR in Namibia...?

So apart from preparing for and being extremely excited about Brother Bear's coming in December, this mama is also currently spending her time dreaming up some spectacular PR race finishes for 2014 - can't wait to get cracking!

What are your running dreams for 2014??


  1. I love reading about others running dreams! At the moment, I am not yet dreaming about 2014, which is very unusual for me.

    1. After your amazing accomplishment on the mountain I'd also take a little break before dreaming of a next adventure :) . Enjoy your rest!


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