Monday, 29 July 2013

My Least Favourite Race Medals

Last week I shared my five favourite race medals with you (see post here).  I also mentioned, though, that I'm convinced that South Africa is the original Home of the Crappy Medals (with some lovely exceptions, of course)...  So, as promised, here's my least favourite five...  

1.  Petrusburg Cycle Race (2007-ish)

Seriously?!  Is it a bracelet?  At first I thought that I must have received the last medal and that they've run out of ribbon, but Will did the same race and his ribbon is just as short...  Come on, guys - rather leave the (cheap yellow) ribbon off than make it only 10 cm long.  Will and I can't help but giggle when we look at these.

2.  Plooysburg Cycle Race (also 2007-ish)

I realize that not all races have a big budget.  And I realize that sometimes the goal of a race is to raise money for a good cause and that the medal is just a bonus.  But this medal is just kind of sad.  And it reminds me of a race where locals were unfairly advantaged above visitors from elsewhere when it came to the handing out of prizes.  So boo.

3.  Engen to Engen 5 k 2012

I'm not a fan of tiny medals.  This one is about the size of my thumbnail and the ribbon started unraveling even before I took it out of its plastic bag.  Not a favourite.  [Baby Girl chewed on the ribbon, so the dirt on there is for our own account :) ]. 

4.  Spur Remax Cycle Challenge (2006/2007-ish)

Is it just me, or does matte trump shiny every single time?  Unless of course you're a contender in the Olympic Games and the shiny-ness comes from actual gold...  But in all other instances, I kind of feel that matte = classy and uber shiny = cheap.  So there.  

5.  Races Everywhere

I have about six of these in my collection.  And they're not all for the same race.  I don't know about you, but I don't love receiving a medal that says "Tietiesbaai 5 k 2007" for a half-marathon that I ran in 2008*.  But maybe that's just me.   

What's your least favourite race medal?  Do you agree with my opinions on short ribbons, cheap, shiny medals and left-over medals from other races?

*Dates and towns are fictitious.  Just sayin'.


  1. Ha! I could not agree more with the short ribbons, cheap, shiny medals and left over medals. I'd rather have no medal at all than one with the wrong date!


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