Friday, 21 June 2013

The Mamas vs. the Papas

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that Will (my husband) and I are crazy competitive.  Crazy.  [But in a good, fun way.  Well, mostly, anyway ;).]  Especially when it comes to each other: We're constantly trying to beat each other at almost anything and everything.  (Except when it comes to cheese consumption.  There Will has graciously bowed out and surrendered to my superior abilities.)    

A while back Will started doing some strengthening exercises as a supplement to his cycling training.  You know, the normal stuff: Push-ups, crunches, and so on.  And, of course, I just couldn't resist turning it into a competition.  Because, judging by the grunting noises coming from the living room where the exercises took place, I just knew that I could do more.  Preggy belly and all.

Will was skeptical at first.  There were all kinds of excuses: "I'm still sore from yesterday's push-ups...", and "My wrists have been feeling a bit iffy lately".  But he eventually gave in and a date was set for our duel.  The rules were simple: There would be three rounds - push-ups (real man push-ups from the toes); planks; and tricep dips.  The winner of each round would be the one who could do the most of each exercise without stopping.  And the overall winner would be the one who won the most rounds.  Easy.

Now you should know that Will takes warming up very seriously: His warm-up routines are actually quite legendary in our home.  [And a bit scary, ha!]  

It usually starts off simple enough...
...picks up momentum in the middle...

...and ends in all kinds of chaos, ha!

Baby Girl just couldn't resist joining in the fun...

So after everybody was properly warmed up, the games began.  Will kicked things off with the tricep dips.  And did a whopping... 17.  Uhm, yeah.  (The Wrist, remember?)  So I did just enough to beat him properly, but still keep something in the tank for the push-ups - 24.  (In hindsight, I should have done only 18, ahem...)

Round Two: Planks.  I went first on this one and did a 01:35.  I was cruel and didn't let Will know his plank time until he stopped - a 0:50.  And in the process we both learned that seconds feel like minutes when doing a plank - eish!

And then came the Big One: Push-ups.  Ouch.  I got my butt properly kicked!  I whined out 8 wobbly, shaky ones, while Will busted out 15 without even breaking a sweat - just to beat me properly, but still keep something in the tank for tomorrow, ha!  Touche, Will, touche.

Push-ups in the laundry room.  So classy.

And so the overall title is mine this time.  But watch this space for a rematch...  Soon.

Are you and your spouse/better half competitive?  Any fun stories to share?

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this!!! You should get bonus points for winning while pregnant. :)
    I absolutely love Baby girl getting in on the warmup!

    My family isn't competitive at all. Cough. Cough. okay, maybe a little.


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