Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Why I love birthdays...

1.  6 a.m. text messages from friends and family.

2.  Birthday serenades from Will and co.

3.  Family pajama gatherings on the double bed.

4.  Taking the day off from work.

5.  Personalized birthday Google doodles.

6.  Movies and popcorn on a work-day morning.

7.  Lunch at Kauai.

8.  Running gear, organic stuff and dark chocolate gifts.

9.  Facebook birthday wishes.

10.  Long baths with Hubby watching Baby Girl.

Looking back over 36 years I realize that my life has one word written all over it: GRACE. And for that I'm truly thankful!


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm glad it was wonderful!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Glad it was such a wonderful day :)

  3. 5. I had to google this - I didn't know they did that!

    What a great day! Happy birthday!

  4. A great day full of beautiful things.
    Happy birthday.


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