Thursday, 14 March 2013

2013 Running Goals: Update

Can you believe that it's already middle-March?!  A quarter of 2013 is almost behind us!  Seeing that I've set myself exactly four running related goals for the year, I thought that this would be the ideal time to give you an update on how things are going:

Goal No. 1: Complete an international race  

I'm happy to report that this one's in the bag!  We traveled to the Kingdom of Lesotho in February, where I took part in the Highlands Trout Mountain Challenge - a challenging half-marathon in the Maluti Mountains.  Without a doubt one of the most beautiful races I've ever done!

Running the Maluti Mountains [Source.]

Goal 2: Complete an obstacle race

The plan, God willing, is to enter the third leg of the Warrior Race series scheduled for early May in Jo'burg.  Entries for this series, one of the first of its kind in South Africa, are known to fly, so fingers crossed that I'll get a spot!  I'd really, really love to tackle this one with a friend or two, so if you're keen to join me for some mud and laughter, please let me know!

Pre-registration option available – Warrior Race 2

Goal 3: Complete a triathlon

I might have to re-visit this one.  Completing a triathlon is such a huge dream of mine, but cycling on our sometimes crazy South African roads just makes me so nervous!  Plus I'm quite a jittery, unskilled rider to begin with [(hey, Will? ;)], so I'm really just not having any fun out there on the bike.  But we'll see.  Maybe, maybe not. 

Goal 4: Set a new half-marathon PR

I'm currently hard at work on this one!  Of all four goals I've set, I think that this one might be the hardest to achieve.  For that reason I've identified two potential PR setting opportunities later in the year: The Glen Half-Marathon scheduled for 11 May 2013 in Bloem (a day after my 36th birthday!  What a schweet gift to myself a new PR would be!) and the Skukuza Half-Marathon scheduled for 3 August 2013 in the Kruger National Park.   I'm trying to focus a bit more on speed work at the moment and things are going quite well; now if everyone will please just cooperate and stay healthy (ahem, Will)...!!

Skukuza HalfMarathonRaceRoute
Route map of the Skukuza Half-marathon [source.]

So there you have it: One down, three to go!

Have you set any running/active goals for the year?  How are things going?!


  1. You have great goals! The triathlon one would be the most difficult I think. Mainly because of the preparation involved. The half in Bloem sounds perfect. Don't run Skukuza for a time. You probably won't get a very fast time there and you will miss half the experience. Just relax through that one and enjoy the scenery. I always have plenty goals. Even 5 to 7 years ahead! This year my A goal is the Otter Challenge. I'm also getting my permanent number at Mont-Aux-Sources. My list is very long. I'll post an update on my blog soon.

  2. Fabulous goal update! Best of luck on getting that PR!

  3. Congrats on finishing the half in Lesotho! What a unique opportunity that is for you, as I have always looked at that map dot and wondered why this tiny nation exists in the center of another.

    Hope you find a friend to do the obstacle race with you!
    I had some goals, not on paper, but in the process of revising..:)

  4. Congrats on completing a challenging international race! I hope that you get that half marathon PR that you're working on! I just completed a half marathon. It was fun!

  5. Getting motivation and energy is one of the most important things in any kind of sports. Otherwise you won't achieve your goals. When I started going to the gym my friend advised me to try nutritional supplements. It was little more than a month I've been taking Military Grade nutritionals, when I realized I did not feel fatigue in the end of the day. And even more: after workouts I still had energy to spare. As time went by, my shape was improving more and more. I was loosing fat and gaining muscles. Now I feel really fit!


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