Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Pressing Pause

On Tuesday evenings I have a standing date with the pause button.  While Will takes over Baby Girl's bath- and bedtime duties (only this once during the week), I grab my towel and head to the gym for a pilates class. 


Each class starts in exactly the same way: We walk into the class, grab a mat and a stability ball and plop down onto the floor.  And then my absolute favourite part unfolds: The instructor asks us to take off our shoes, lie down on our backs (ahhhh), close our eyes (ahhhh!) and breathe deeply for a minute or two (zzzzz) before the actual exercising begins.  I can promise you this: After a week of non-stop go-go-go, words cannot describe how good it feels to hit those brakes.

In my pre-mom days I would have labelled this class as a complete waste of time.  You know, anything not leaving you dripping with sweat and gasping for air can't be good (enough), right?    But thank goodness I've come to my senses: Everybody needs a change of pace once in a while.  Especially parents.  And workers.  And runners.  And spouses.  To take a deep breath, regain perspective and recharge.  For everyone's sake.    

So now I've started to embrace my Tuesday night slow fests.  Not only do they do wonders for me mentally, but they also, much to my surprise, really help my running.  They make me strong.  And teach me to focus.  

Man, I love Tuesdays!


  1. That's fantastic! Congrats on finding your pause!

  2. That is really great! We do need these moments. I wish our kids would know how to let their pause moments happen when I want mine...:)


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