Thursday, 20 December 2012

You can call me Flipper

Major mental block demolished today: I did my pool laps two at a time!  *Writer does the ancient Hawaiian hula, followed by two back flips.*    


The pool was quite full, so I got stuck with the "upstream" lane (thanks, fellow pool swimmers).  In the end it actually worked out quite well, though: I'd do the "upstream" lap first, and then cruise "downstream" for Lap No. 2 of 2.  Perfect!  

There is however, still no graceful tumble turn to connect the two laps; in fact, there is no tumble turn at all.  That still needs to be You Tube'd (yep, no clue...) and practiced.  For now there is simply touching the wall, turning around, and clumsily heading in the other direction.  Baby steps, right?   

At least there is progress!

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