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Women on the move: Anna Scott

Anna Scott is a 34-year-old mom of two who works as Retail Development Consultant in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.  Anna started running in April 2012 and, through consistency and dedication, progressed in leaps and bounds, completing her first 10 k race in October in under 60 minutes.

As a busy, working mom of two toddlers (aged 18 months and 4 years), I asked Anna about the obstacles she needed to overcome in order to start running, as well as how she manages to fit running into her busy schedule:

Anna and her gorgeous little ones.

Running the Race (RtR): Are there any obstacles that you have had to overcome in order to start running?
Anna Scott (AS): All the usual excuses: 1) Too little time, 2) Too fat, 3) Too slow….  All of them nonsense, of course.  I did, however, only start running after I had lost a substantial amount (15 kg) of weight.  I do not think my knees and feet would have coped with running with all the weight I carried.  Running helped me to lose the next 12 kg – I now have only 5 kg to go!

RtR: How do you ensure that running regularly forms a part of your weekly routine?
AS: I plan across the week to see where I can fit in my runs.  If we go away, I plan when I can run.  I try to never go for more than two days without a run, and normally do not run on back to back days.  The trickiest challenge to me is how to fit in longer runs with childcare/work, etc.  I have to admit that I am slightly obsessed and get quite annoyed if something gets in the way of a run!  My husband now knows that he needs to also know when I am planning to go for a run, so that he can keep the fort at home.  I also find that it works best for me to always go for a run first thing in the morning – otherwise life gets in the way!  

Fit, happy and healthy!

RtR: Any tips for women out there who want to start running?
AS: Just do it!  Start immediately – there is nothing that can stop you.  Best thing is to start with a good run/walk programme.  Run/Walk For Life was excellent when I did a bit of running about 12 years ago in South Africa (long story why that was short lived and still regretted today).  The NHS in the UK has a programme called Couch to 5 k in 8 weeks, which is a set of pod casts.  Really good – it helps building you from mostly walking to running continuously for 30 mins.  I recommend that to anybody who is thinking of starting to run.  It is completely free and can be downloaded to any MP3 player.
RtR: How has running changed your life?
AS: Running has opened a whole new world to me!  I have learnt so much and met quite a few people through running already.  I also keep on discovering new “gimmicks” and things one can do to improve your running and I am loving every minute of it.  My favourite is my “mapmyrun” app.  I am very competitive, but not very fast – so I'm never going to do that well on the racing scene.  I love running against myself and tracking my mins/km and my route and everything, though.  I guess I am quite nerdy in that I love numbers and data and through running I generate loads of data that I can analyse!!
I also love the structure and routine running adds to my life – I hope I can keep it up!  That is why it is great talking to other runners and building up a little running network.  I really appreciate everything I have been able to learn from others.

Running buddies.

                                                      *  *  *

Thanks so much, Anna, for sharing your story with us - your enthusiasm and commitment is such an inspiration!  Wishing you a speedy recovery from your current injury and many more happy miles to come!  

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  1. She is quite an inspiration! Shows that we can do life as well as running.


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