Monday, 5 November 2012

MTN OFM Classic 2012

After a week of cold, windy and unpredictable weather, we awoke to a glorious Sunday morning: Sunny and cool with only a gentle breeze - perfect for cycling!  Seeing that Will's  race started at 06:05 a.m. already (ahem), Baby Girl and I opted to send him off at home (with lots of kisses and well-wishes!) and meet him at the finish line later on to celebrate.  

I must admit that I was a bit worried about Will: He'd only just shaken off his flu and didn't manage to log as many training miles during the two weeks leading up to the race as he'd hoped to.  It appears, however, that my worries were a total waste of time: He flew through the (107 km/66.5 mile) course and finished alongside his training buddy in a fantastic time of 02:37:02 - woohoo!  So proud.

Post-race with training buddy, Ryno.
The rest of the family did just as awesome:

  • Will's sister finished in a speedy 03:38:00;
  • Will's cousin and his wife finished in 03:36:54 and 03:34:39, respectively (after also completing the mountain bike race the day before - they're machines!);
  • Will's mom finished in 04:38:42; and
  • Will's dad unfortunately struck it unlucky with a flat, but managed to finish in 04:53:49 nonetheless.

Celebrating with Dad.

Well done, all of you - we couldn't be prouder!  What an amazing blessing to be fit and healthy and have fun together as a family! 

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  1. Congrats to everyone! My favorite is the photo is the last one - Celebrating with Dad!


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