Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Engen Curie to Crossing 5 k 2012

In addition to the Pick n Pay Women's Walk on Saturday, Baby Girl and I also ran the Engen to Engen 5 k in Bloem this weekend.  It's been a long time since we've raced with the stroller, plus Will put in some serious miles on the bike this weekend for an upcoming double century ride - two very good excuses for Baby and me to go out and run!

Like two crazies, Will and I both got up before Baby Girl on Saturday morning (what on earth is wrong with us?!): Him to get ready for his training ride, and me to get everything prepared for our two events.

5 a.m. silliness on a Saturday morning...  Only in a running/cycling household!

We were once again blessed with a fabulous day - cool and clear and perfect for running.  For a change Baby Girl and I also got to the race venue early, so she had a quick drink and I warmed up a bit while we waited.  

We were the only stroller pair in the entire race, so we started way at the back in order to avoid getting on anyone's nerves ("Hey, you with the rocket, get out of my way!").  Chasing up the pack from behind is far more fun anyway!  

The race route traversed a few seriously busy roads/intersections, which was quite a safety concern for me running with my girl.  The route was also a tad laborious to run with a stroller in that it required numerous hops onto and off of sidewalks, calling for a number of start/stops for maneuvering the stroller without making Baby Girl fly - not really good for getting into a running rhythm.  Oh well, the race wasn't marketed as being stroller friendly to begin with, so we really have nothing to complain about.

Yip, the race photographer caught me right in the middle of a sniff.  Sooo classy.

In the end we finished in 28:50-ish (I forgot to stop my Garmin) - thankful to be safe and thankful for a fun early morning outing together!


  1. That's a super time for a 5k with stroller, well done! Oh yes, I know those early weekend mornings too well. I'm sometimes back from a long run before the world wakes up. Super photo, sniff and all!

  2. Wow! That's a fantastic time, especially with curb hopping. Love the early morning silliness!


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