Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dear Stranger: We appreciate your kindness, but please don't kiss my baby on the mouth

I have a dilemma.  It has happened more than once now that a complete stranger comes up to me and Baby Girl in the mall and, before I know it - mwah! - gives her a kiss right on the mouth.  Right in the middle of peak flu season!  Now don't get me wrong.  I realize that this is meant as a gesture of kindness.  And I also have no problem with people coming up to say hi, with me right there to keep a watchful eye on Baby and remove her if the situation calls for it.  But kissing her full on the mouth?  That's just taking things too far.

My main concern is germs: How on earth am I supposed to know if the kind stranger has flu?  Or a cold sore?  Or, heaven forbid, TB?  Surely anyone out there who has kids or who has the ability to think things through will realize that this could be a major concern to any mom and rather just greet Baby with a friendly "hello, Gorgeous"?

Rather just say hello!

Plus it always happens so quickly!  As a mom I definitely didn't anticipate full on mouth kisses from strangers before it happened the first time - it caught me completely off guard.  The problem is that there is hardly ever enough time between the stranger's aim and kiss to pluck away a child and say "please don't kiss her!".  I'd hate to do that anyway, but surely my child's health trumps offending someone who means well?  Or am I just being completely paranoid?  Help!

Ahh, the challenges of motherhood!


  1. I can so relate! I started getting much quicker at plucking my baby away from approaching strangers, especially the smiling grannies! They always made a beeline for us, because Nina was such a smiley baby.

  2. I would be freaked about that too! Now that I a mom I always keep my distance, I admire from a distance, I hated it when strangers handled my kids or got in their faces.

  3. I feel the same way!!! People do crazy things with babies without even considering the whole germ thing!! Lips off folks!!

  4. I would say something for sure...and you are not paranoid! this is creepy and not normal...even if it is out of kindness!!! I remember not liking strangers just touching my kids when they were babies...nobody tried to kiss them....good thing because I would have lost my cool for sure.

  5. That would freak me out! My main concern wouldn't necessarily be germs, but that a strange is KISSING MY CHILD ON THE MOUTH. Since when was that acceptable?

    Of course, germs is always a concern too. But, a stranger, KISSING my child? Wow. I'm very thankful I have not had that problem. And now, Avery is nervous enough about new people to lean away from them!


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