Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Coronation Double Century 2012

We're still on leave and loving it!  We usually plan our holidays around bigger cycling and running races and then add a few days on both sides of the event(s) for resting and experiencing the area that we're visiting.  This time around our holiday is centered around two major cycle races for Will (the Coronation Double Century and Die Burger Cycle Race) and one trail race for myself (the Vitalrun at Lourensford).

This past weekend was D-day for Will's first race of the holiday: The Coronation Double Century.  The DC, as everyone calls it, starts in Swellendam and winds its way through  the picturesque towns of Zuurbraak, Barrydale, Montagu, Ashton, Robertson and Bonnievale, before ending at the starting point a whole 202 km later.  Riders participate in teams of 12, and each team's time is recorded as that of the sixth team member crossing the finish line.

Will's team: The Tokkie Wheelers.

Will has completed this race once before and did great, but believe me if I tell you that this year it was brutal.  The weather was just horrible: The wind was howling, it was freezing cold and, to top it all off, bucket loads of rain came down during various stages of the race.  I didn't know who to feel more sorry for - the riders or the marshals.

Halfway mark feeding station.

Baby Girl and I drove along the race route as the race unfolded and met up with Will's team at the finish line in the pouring rain, a whole seven hours and sixteen minutes later.  All in all Will's team did great, finishing 85th out of 216 teams - so proud!  Hats off to all riders who completed the race - you guys  really are incredible.

My dad, my hero.

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